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  1. Health = Hunger On Continue

    Yup and also when your hunger hits 0 your health with go to 100 no matter what your health was while you starve.
  2. Do they ever disappear? I made a log field but I was thinking about just keeping the logs on the ground until I need firewood.
  3. How do I get my Don't Starve product code from steam to play on Chrome? Is there any way I can do that?
  4. Kudos to the sales

    Best $12 I have spent. Love this game.
  5. Carrot regrowth rate?

    Best way to catch rabbits is either put a trap on top of the their holes or what I do is I look for their hole and I make sure they have to run into my path to get to their hole. Once they see me and run towards me (they have to run into you to get to their hole) just hold down attack and once they get up to you, you will swing and kill the rabbit.