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  1. I Switched my firewall off (Zone alarm) and it works for me now, I can now continue. I really don't know why, Zone alarm had full permissions for the game. I also had an issue where steam would think the game was still running in steam after exit.. I could not load it up again, it just says that its still running, switching off Zone alarm also fixed this. I hope this helps some of you out. Like has already been pointed out by another user, the Save folder is set as "Read only" though, interestingly, i can continue my game even though there is still NO save file in that folder..... that's not my problem though, that's one for the Devs or if this temp fix don't work for you its another thing to look at Funny thing is, as Soon as I got to continue my game for the first time, i ran of in to the wilderness thinking i had plenty of logs for a fire. i failed to remember i needed some grass and promptly died when night came. I liked that, i like unforgiving games. Takes me back to my youth Games where the arrow points to where your supposed to be going takes the.... Adventure out of it all. A big hand for the devs, well done on making something that will sustain me for a good long time.
  2. I found a fix that works for me. I switched my Firewall off (Zone Alarm) , Dont_Starve had full permission so i cant pinpoint the issue really. Apart from my firewall was causing a problem.. Game save folder is still empty.. I'm happy now that I can continue my game though, Yay !
  3. I switched Zone Alarm off and it seems to fix that problem AND I can finally continue my game. its odd because I made sure Dont_Starve had full permission. oh well, it will be like unsafe sex but I'm happy now
  4. After exiting on the steam version I cannot load the game back up because steam thinks the game is still running. I see nothing in my task manager/Processes that suggests that it is. I'm wondering if this is related to the problems some are having with no saves on the steam version. After all, if the games saves on exit and its not exiting properly.... well, erm , speaks for itself?
  5. After the game saves in the Steam version I Alt-tab out to check the save folder, however it just is not writing a save file there. Interestingly, there is a log file in C:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\bin\log that records your actions in game. it also logs " SAVE SUCCESS: latest". The thing that is really odd is that the log refers to a folder that does not exist on my hard drive. c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\main.lua(93,1) The log also references "SimLuaProxy::SendProfileStats() SendProfileStats::{"stats": I'm not very techy and I'm not sure if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but something with log looks wrong to me. Where is it trying to send these profile stats? Anyone with a big brain want to look in to this?
  6. same problem for me with the steam version.. After the games says it saves i Alt-Tab out to the Save folder and there is not anything there. Same deal from the menu. PS i do keep my science though