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  1. Yes! Working for me too! Thanks for the quick fix!
  2. I played yesterday at 12:00 EST. Everything was fine. When I started Steam today at about the same time, the game updated itself in Steam. Now when I run the game, I manage to get to the menu but when I click Continue, the game crashes. It doesn't crash to the desktop though. I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del my way out of it to see the "This program has crashed" dialog.
  3. Sorry I should have given more details. 1. I started a new game at work today at about 12:30. This was not a new world. 2. I played until about 13:10. I quit the game right after night, after it said it saved. 3. Closed the game. Waited for the Steam sync, then I closed Steam. 4. Played AGAIN at work at 16:30 until 17:00. At that point, I was able to continue my game. 5. Closed the game. Waited for the Steam sync, then I closed Steam, like I did after lunch. 6. 19:00: Logged into steam at home, waited a little bit for that cloud sync, then I started the game. There was no option to continue. I started a new game and I still had research points and unlocked stuff but verything else was gone. 7. Closed the game and logged on my work computer from a distance using VNC. I went to the save folder and it was empty. Steam has NOT been started on the work computer since the time I logged at home. It seems the save was already gone before I went home, unless I'm looking in the wrong folder. Hope that helps!
  4. File integrity is verified. When I quit a game and come back there is no way to continue. It worked once but now I always lose my savegame. It's sad because I play during lunch at my job and during the evening at home. With this bug, there is no way I can continue any game I start.