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  1. well..... maybe not 10, but at least 7 or 8
  2. I did single out 1 beefalo, i said that in my post, and i hit him like 10 times and i still didnt kill him
  3. I was many days in and i was quite proud of my progress. I had a nice setup, then i needed food since i was low. I went and attacked a beefalo with my spear, then they all came charging. i ran till i had just one left, then i attacked him with my spear MANY times. Yet it seemed to do no damage, then he killed me and i got a game over.
  4. Huh. Well that would definatly make sence. But even then, i have it drop to 20 etc - - - Updated - - - Whoops, i ment sense
  5. Now. i enjoy the game supremely. However, this game should not be struggling to be consistant on 60 FPS, it is not graphically intensive. I know beta, is beta, but please try and fix that
  6. Before i ran in compatibility It didnt close, it just stayed white as if it wasnt responding
  7. For those on laptop I have 8GB of ram and an Intel HD 3000. I ran into some issues as well regarding this particular title. I did some fiddling around, Run the game in Windows XP (Service pack 2) [For those of you who don't know how, open task manager with the blank Don't starve screen still running, rightclick on dontstarve_steam and go to the program location, then hit properties on that and run in compatibility.] Now, close it and re open it. It will still be blank. Now hit the maximize button. That's when it worked for me, so try it