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  1. Rabbits are also attracted by berrys by the way Another tactic I found out but not as good as the ones already said: Place the bait a bit away of the trap, so the trap is in the middle of the bait and the rabbit. The rabbit gets attracted but will be trapped before he can actually eat the bait, but you need to wait so no other rabbit will eat it away. I've set up two traps at once on the same place and tryed to catch a rabbit this way and the result was that both traps were activated by one rabbit. I got 2 morsel from that...
  2. Just camp next to a Pig-King and a Rabbit field. Make Traps/Birdtraps, get some meat, give it to the King and voelĂ  -> infinite gold what means infinite tools. As far as I know, rabbits can not become extinct...?I like the mining/smelting thingy though!