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  1. Great! I tried out the opengl beta and the game worked perfectly! Thank you very much! The only problems that I experienced from the beginning was that it seemed as though the graphics were very poor/not many colours but every part playable and very enjoyable! I had being playing the game until day 7 where the game completely crashed and screen went black, other than a glitched image of the waves. The sounds were still playing and when I hit 'esc' they stopped like they would when you usually enter the pause screen. So my point; the beta works! But crashes
  2. Yes I've already done this in a previous post
  3. Mystery indeed! The chrome version works like a charm! Which is all well and good but I can only play the demo version and it just doesn't last long enough...
  4. I'm also having the same problem as the others; blank window opens and immediately closes. I'm also using it on a laptop that has an intel chipset. My laptop specs are: Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU P8400 @2.26GHz 2.27GHz Installed memory (RAM) 4.00GB (2.90GB useable) System type: 32-bit Operating System I'm not that knowledgeable as others when it comes to computers so I'm not sure how to get as much detail as some other posts lol! Hope you guys can fix the problem tomorrow! I really look forward to playing the game! Thanks!