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  1. Anyway to start where you left off?After 4 hrs in it I die... then I have to restart all over again>?!!! Had this happen a couple of times and... just gave up on it. I know I will unlock Maxwell... I dont think my own sanity is worth over this.
  2. Nerf rabbits...

    The problem lies in how a waste is to trap a rabbit with a carrot or berry. You dont get something better just a food that is equal.Then again, you can go to the option menu before starting a world and turn them down for challenging gameplay.
  3. Adventure and Sandbox

    Anyone liking this mode?At first I found it interesting but it boils down to -> Easter Egg Hunt Mode. Got tired trying to find the last piece and I let the character die to start a sandbox mode game.It gets annoying pretty fast when you cant find the pieces and have to search it. It would have been nice if the mode was less of a headache.
  4. Permanent Health Loss

    OH!... I did built a meat effigy... no wonder. Thanks.
  5. How do you deal with the permanent health loss?The first time Ive seen this and... I dont have the slightest idea how to regain it back. Right now Wilson has 80/100 but the rest of the 20 HP is blackened.
  6. I find it easy once you set up some turbo farms(the last farm upgrade) and an income of meat be either monster meat or regular meat. Then start to build a lot of straw rolls and wait it out to farm exp. For me, the abundance of seeds and effectiveness of the turbo farms. For the enemies is a matter of knowing that enemies stop when they attack, go back and hit them at least 2 times in a row and repeat. Find it challenging (or troublesome whatever name you want to use) when the enemies are in a pack. The first few hours are critical, exciting and fun but once you set camp with farms, a close supply of meat(like spider farms, buffalos) bring in the harvest. What I do is try not to make a base too effective so I can forcefully go out to scavenge and forcethe character to starve. Or once Ive set up a safe way survive for days, I would kill the character on purpose and star over in a new world!! <- this is what I like about the game. Always try to survive in a new enviroment. Of course, havent try out the mecha face thing yet. I would welcome a HARDCORE option for this game! Like eliminating farms when you select this option!!!!
  7. Why didnt you guys sticky this!! I was looking over the forums for update patch notes.
  8. My first few deaths were because I was experimenting. 1)Died to bees because of hitting the hive. 2)Buffalos for... trying to kill it with no wood armor 3)Spiders... first time I died to them because... well... they bum rush me. Right now, Its pretty hard to die. Got 7 turbo farms going with a Crock Pot on the Pasture Island where Buffhalo and rabbits lives.
  9. Does flint respawn?

    Yep, stacks are now lowered to 20. Time to make more chests!
  10. Starting Tips/Newbie Guide

    You can make 1 campfire last the whole night without ever needing to fuel it. After "the sun is setting down" phase (the orange one on the sun dial), the place will start to get dark. As Soon as it gets pitch black (or just moments before complete darkness), build the campfire. If you are in doubt have a torch at the ready. You will see that the fire will put it self out as Soon as the day is about to start. This is easier with Willow, where you can wait awhile in the dark and build the campfire.
  11. From my experience, she deals you some damage if you are near her and if Im correct, she acts like one of Super Mario Bros. Boos. If you are not familiar with them... ghosts that get near you if you are not looking at them directly. One more thing... you can attack her to make her dissapear by clicking and dragging a tool that can serve as a weapon like spear, axe,torch, etc. Are there more than just one? Has anyone figure out what you can do with Wendy's visitors?
  12. New Patch (Trap´s)

    Yeah. I thought it was a feature so... I made a thread on the General Discussion section about it. Traps are not degrading.
  13. Traps are now infinite?

    I guess Ill be heading over there now... the bugs section.
  14. My trap for rabbits are not degrading! This can be a good thing. I dont have to keep harvesting grass for just traps and save them for more ropes for other recipes.
  15. Does flint respawn?

    Ive thinking about it.Since we know some materials are finite in the world, you best bet would be to create and depend on "buildings" that uses renewable materials.The problem... dunno if it is intended... if you dont have flint you cant create AXE, if you dont have AXE you cant chop wood and if you dont have wood you cant create campfire... only torches (they rely on twigs and torches), if you didnt save enough torches for one night... thats going to be your last night!! Cant say anything about lanterns... haven made one yet.I dont think the developers intend for the players to last forever in the game... I think.