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  1. Oh i forgot one important thing: Please change the skin of that "Windows" mouse cursor, i'm in a game and not on my Desktop hehe It would be uplifting!
  2. I just registered to share my feedback and send a huge(!!) thank you to the creators of that game. Oh my god, this am speechless XD no really.. its wonderful, its art, fun and so lovely designed. First i saw it.. i thought hmm okay, it looks strange.. but then after reading some things about it on this webside.. i just bought it. And after 5 min of gameplay.. I'm exploded XD ITS FANTASTIC, i love this game! All the sounds and characters and items, all these possibilities. And its just the alpha version!! I know it sounds nerdy and exaggerated, but i just wanna thank you Klei Entertainment for this wonderful gift! Always when it gets dark and i need to make a fire, i'm "sitting" there and listen to this wonderful sound of nature. A master piece of an indie game! Thank you very much! After many hours of gaming, i have some suggestions. I think, all of those are already in this forum but it would be great if they will be in the game: - More of your fantastic music and environment sound <3 - Multiplayer, one player more and i would be (more!) happy - I little bit better fitting "voice" for the characters. I dont want the realy voice, i mean who wants to hear again and again the same sentence, but the voices could be a little bit... better ^^ - Caves, Dungeons to mine or just farm some different stone and stuff :> (I know its 2.5D view) but you could make things like underground layers in the same perspective and so on hehe just as a example. - Just tiny RPG Items and Stuff.. chairs, tent to sleep, little lamps and decoration stuff would be great - More more more... i know, you do a hard job. I wish i could help you hm i can? Hehe i mean, this game goes in the right direction and I'm curious what awaits us in the future. Thank you guys for reading and i wish you the best! Lovely wishes Seerox Ps: You has meat? *oink*