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  1. Capacity decreased further???

    Hotfix. Aka quick fix. Ooops we don't like how it is, we'll quickly change it and push it out. I see no problem with the hotfix. While it makes things more difficult, that's fine with me. I'm all for survival hell. Right now I'm sitting pretty 56 days in. Make me struggle already!
  2. Looking for a Chrome key

    Invite sent. Thanks!
  3. Got the game on Steam, and would love to have a chrome key. I'll give ya $4 for it via paypal. I don't have anything to trade except some money hehe.
  4. yawn Sure, something cooler would totally be welcome. Backpack "idea" is always welcome to expand to better and cooler alternatives so long as the end result is we can carry a few more things! I look forward to seeing what the devs have up the sleeves.
  5. The one thing I keep thinking about is having a backpack. I would gladly welcome more inventory space at the expense of running speed or something like that.