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  1. Nerf berry bush needed ?

    It's fine without a nerf. It already gives a pretty small amount of hunger/health. As far as growing a ton of them go, there are a crapload of ways to get tons of food consistently at your home base. I've got chests full of food, and I never even use berries, except occasionally as bait. There's nothing wrong with having tons of food if you always stay in one place. Staying in one place the whole game is and should be relatively safe. It's when you go out and adventure that you run into problems, that you have to ration food, etc.
  2. Too easy to get food?

    I don't think it's too easy to get food. For me, it's definitely something I have to keep in mind as I go through the game. If you're forward thinking and spend time hunting and setting up traps, or getting farms, then yes, it's quite difficult to get into a situation where you could die from hunger. I don't see that as a negative though. I like that I can devote a couple full in-game days to getting food, or setting up resources, and then not having to worry about it for a little while. If I had to devote most of each in-game day to making sure I had enough to eat, that would get tedious.
  3. I just picked up the game a couple of days ago, and was wondering about how frequently it gets updated. I saw a few posts that said "about every two weeks," but the ones I saw were all from the Alpha phase, and I'm not sure if things have changed. Is the update counter built into the menu something we should actually go by, or is that more of an estimate? Wondering because it's said "new build imminent" for about two days now on my end.
  4. Indepth Ecosystem

    Great idea, I'm sure something like this is coming down the pipleline in the future. I hope so, anyway.
  5. Suggestion: In-Game Field Notes

    It would also serve as a record of past adventures. Not something necessary to make the game enjoyable, but, for example, I'm several hours into a game right now (about 20 days), and it looks like I may make it a while longer. I've got an almost completely self-sustaining camp built up, chests full of backup food, and a couple extra spears and logsuits in case I get into trouble. I've almost nearly completed gathering the hairs I need to build my first meat effigy. I feel really accomplished and like I'm doing a great job moving forward in the game, and I've put a few hours of playtime into it. But I know that eventually, I will die, and I'd like to have something to show for it. Gameplay-wise, I'll have the extra couple of items I unlocked through research, but once I've unlocked all of those, dying will leave no evidence of the game you played. The ability to take notes in game and look at the notes of past attempts would be a great feature. Especially if it was possible to take some sort of in-game screenshot and affix one to each note? ex. Finished first bee house today, tomorrow I'm going after that obnoxious tentacle (above a picture of the bee-house and a newly completed logsuit and spear)
  6. Map markers and notes

    I'd also love this feature. It'd be cool to be able to leave markers to warn yourself of local dangers, or mark hideouts or bases you'd set-up. Maybe even an option to have these notes remain over the course of multiple playthroughs on the same world?
  7. I've been enjoying Don't Starve a lot since I picked it up last week, and have enjoyed checking out some of the field notes listed in this forum. I like the idea, but don't really want to do something like open up a word document, or list my notes on a forum; I completely understand why others enjoy doing this, but I would feel a bit silly. So I've been thinking that it might be cool to incorporate an option to write field-notes in-game. This would, of course, be completely optional; there needn't be a penalty to ignoring the feature or any significant bonus to taking advantage of it. I just think it might add an extra layer to the game. This could be achieved either through a pop-up at the end of each in-game day, or through a craftable item, maybe a field journal or writing desk, or something of the like. One could record notes for the day, and go back and look at past notes via the item (if one was involved), or perhaps a button on the map or menu button. The pop-up would take the form of a window that could be typed onto. I'm not sure what the best way to format this would be, whether people would prefer a blank page, or categories such as "discoveries" or "experiments." I would just enjoy a way to record my experiences in-game, and, to those who enjoy such things, in-character. It would add an extra level of personality to the game, and it might be fun to look back over the notes of old characters, or reminisce about the early days of a game where one had managed to survive for a long period of time.