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  1. Yeah that's my assumption as well.
  2. Not sure if I'm missing something but I think it would be nice if there was a key you could press ie. "Shift" and it would let you perform another action, this really on specifically pertains to when you have the shovel equipped as it's kind of annoying when you are trying to collect stuff then dig up the item losing what was on the bush. So if you have the shovel equipped you normally dig with it but when you hold shift it would let you collect berries/grass/twigs.
  3. I was growing bored with my multiple island world so I decided to restart and try and get a world with a bigger land mass but I noticed you do not get experience towards unlocking more characters unless you die, so I just lost 44 days worth. Not sure if this is intended or not just thought I'd bring it to attention. Love the game so far.
  4. Same thing just happened to me, just clicked the "X" and restarted the game and I had survive the night again. I have the steam version.