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  1. I discovered one bug. When i kill rabbit, then put trap on his body, trap catch him, but when i check trap all food i have in eq before was missing and i only have one morsel from this rabbit.
  2. Hi i'm from Poland so please ignore my language mistakes. 1. Suggestion. I think you can add gold ingot. We make it by putting 4 gold nuggets into crocked pot. Then he have recipes with it: luxury axe = 2 twings 1 gold ingot luxury pickaxe = 2 twings 2 gold ingots luxury shovel = 2 twings 2 gold ingots gold spear = 2 twings 1 rope 1 gold ingot gold armor = 6 gold ingots 2.Suggestion. You should add fences and walls. Recipes: 1 fence = 4 logs, 1 wall (palisade) = 4 boards The difference between fence and wall is: fence can't cross rabbits, spiders, frogs and bees. Wall can't cross everything excepting ghosts.