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  1. I think i found a solution. I remembered that some time ago i turned off steam cloud synchronization since i use only 1 pc for steam play. When i turned it back on my save games work fine.
  2. i have same issue. I quit game with 100 hp, and after coming back and clicking continue i got only 55 hp :/ ( steam version )
  3. Great New update was yesterday and Save bug is still there. I kinda making game unplayable. Pls fix it. None of the tips from this thread works for me!!! I would like to add that my save folder is still empy after the game is saving every morning and evening. And the most important thing is that option to continue disappear every time i restart steam!!!
  4. I have the same problem, game shows that the world saved every morning and evening, but when i loged out yesterday and came back today i din't have the option to continue only start new game :/
  5. i have the same problem with steam version. I played for a while my game saved when new day came. I clicked exit throu menu and now when i came back, my only option is to start new world from the beggining.