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  1. - Aggroing killer bees -Setting up a all-wooden camp and having a red hound burn it down with you inside -optimus pine
  2. Thanks so much, you both helped, now, ima hatch those birdies up XD
  3. How long do they take do hatch, and is it good if they turn red, or does that mean that they're too hot? Just wondering because i just got my own
  4. I've given the warning some thought and the way you explain it makes me think of Terraria with Goblin hordes but i think it should and might be more like a day or two to actually prepare for a hard battle XD
  5. What are your thoughts and ideas on the new hounds for the next update, big scary hurty dogs, that will eat your face, or like hell-hounds....just post what you think they're gonna be like here. Personally im thinking like huge hard-to-kill beasts that look really epic, with tattered fur...
  6. One of my first plays, i was on night 7, an ran into the swamp, tried to make another torch, when a tentacle that was invisible to my eye, killed me
  7. I have Cthulhu saves the world and Breath of Death EDIT: Sorry both are Indie, Parody- RPG's
  8. OHHHHH XD , thank you! that makes a crazy amount of sense
  9. Im new to the game, and im trying to research but i dont have any research points so i just wanted to ask how to acquire them?