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  1. Oh god. I just did it again. I fed Piggy Number 3 all those berries. I mean that poor guy barely had any BONES LEFT by the time he was done poopin. Then I "accidentally" hit him, had to kill him, now I have all those berries back. Been staring at Piggy Number 4 for a while. Thinkin he might have a bad day tomorrow. He's going to need a copy of War and Peace and some major tissue.
  2. I built my own pig house, and kept my pig for quite some time. A tree monster followed me around ( I was trying to make armor before he killed me, needed more grass). I made the armor, killed the tree monster, but not before he killed my pig. When my pig died, he dropped 25 berries. I assume this is the number of berries I had fed him since I got him. Then, when a new pig came, I fed him the berries for more poop. I accidentally hit him with my weapon, and had to kill him....and he gave me back all the berries I had fed him! Now I have thirty something berries (Had picked some up during all this) and poop, and more pigs! Is this intended, or a glitch?