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  1. New Patch (Trap´s)

    Nice patch btw^^ but i found a bug...traps are allways on 100% after use:) edit says: steam version
  2. [Steam] How do i save?

    try the tipp of Dee_Mond,it worked for me...
  3. [Steam] How do i save?

    hmm...sounds strange,but ok:) i will test it...something different,is the new update now on steam or not? edit says: it works! thanks man;)
  4. [Steam] How do i save?

    have the same problem... i closed the game after the gamesave at morning and when i start the game,i have no option to continue... the game also does not update itself, even though I have it set in the properties on "testing" and "dev"! i5 750,ati 5850,8gb ram,win 7 64bit and steam version of dont starve.
  5. Save Game help ?

    jep me too...
  6. Can we please trade? :)

    thread can closed:) /closed
  7. Can we please trade? :)

    i have a key for Don´t Starve and have interest on Projekt Zomboid!pls contact me on Steam (Account is "soldivjne") or here:)