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  1. i have torchlight 2 and im looking for a don't starve copy for steam (i want to gift it to a friend). But i only will do it if you add something more, actually Torchlight 2 have more trade value than don't starve.
  2. If you are interested in this trade add me: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003506488/
  3. My steam profile, add me and we can discuss ^^ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003506488/ I'm really interested in one of the following keys: Homefront or Stalker or Red Faction Armaggedon (all of them are included in the actual Amazon bundle, so you can get the complete bundle for you and give me one of this keys ;D) Also i can hear some offers and i'm interested in other keys like: Trapped Dead etc...
  4. hahahah hahahha ha ha You've made my day, i laughed so much with your comment, now i have stomachache xD. (Poor pig, i'm sure you will keep him in your heart forever T-T)
  5. I like the bow and fences idea, i would put to the bow a really low damage, to use it only to hunt, because i think that if you can use it to fight with monsters, the game will be in some way easier. Anyway, i really like your ideas.
  6. Yes, is a bit frustrating when you want to attack and Wilson only runs like a crazy in the middle of a huge horde of spiders xD That option would be a cool option ;D
  7. Love all your ideas, this can add a new fun dimension to this game, i hope the developers will read this
  8. I like your idea, could be a great improvement to make diferences between the different food qualities, i mean if i made the same food 3 times but with different proportion of fillers/meat, how i can make differences between them actually??? +1 to add this to the game ^^
  9. Could be a great improvement the fact of adding some bosses to the game, in the way that when you start a new game the game will choose 2 bosses randomly from a list to make each game different and more challenging, and of course that bosses can be keeping some kinds of treasures or cool things, with a rare loot :DD Of course to make this idea possible, we need more kinds of weapons and armors, and why not, the possibility of giving weapons and armors to our pigs ^^
  10. i'm interested in this trade, this is my steam profile if wanna talk about it ^^ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003506488/
  11. Just tried the new update, has some new really cool adds I tried the chrome version and works fine (any problem at all), but the steam version has some kind of problem, feels like the game has microstuttering when i move, if i don't move, the rabits, bees, spiders etc moves with smooth movements and animations, but if i walk arround the map i feel that microstuttering most of the time. I tried to change the resolution and nothing changes. I tried to force vsync, disable vsync, disable crossfire and lots of things in catalyst control panel and i can't get any improvement. I can enjoy the game with the actual performance because is a really funny game, but please try to fix it to make the experience complete. If you have any tip or recommendation to try to solve my problem, tell me please My computer specs: i7 860 8Gb Ram ddr3 1333mhz Amd Radeon 5970 2Gb gddr5 (dual gpu card) drivers 12.8 + app profiles 12.10