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  1. Hi. I've searched the forum and didn't find a thread describing this bug yet, so I hope I don't repost anything which has already been said. As the topic states, I've experienced problems with the light at night when I started the game for the first time. It neither shined at dusk, nor at night. Neither Camp Fire nor Torch. Everything was dark. I'm using the Steam Version. If I wait until it's dark, before I light up anything, the character says something about being able to see again as Soon as I start a fire. And if I hover over the camp fire with the mouse, it get's highlighted. Throwing stuff into the fire didn't change anything. I tried it up to the point where examing the fire would result into the "This fire's getting out of hand" remark. This happened only the first time I started the game. Closing and starting the game again did resolve the bug. Cheers, Thomas