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  1. Thanks for the tip! I think my game just got a whole lot easier.
  2. Oh. I tried it myself but it didn't seem to work. Maybe I didn't plant enough of them.
  3. ... or the ent, or Optimus Pine, or whatever it's called. By planting trees. If it sees you plant a few trees, it calms down and stops chasing you. How about?
  4. Thanks for the tip! So plant pinecones in a dense L-shaped arrangement the werepigs get stuck into, then run far enough that they forget about you, right?
  5. I haven't played Don't Starve very long yet, but I seem to have a bit of an oddity in my current world. There's a grassy rabbit meadow near the starting point where I was able to find a few carrots to bait my traps. But every game, after a few days in, I always end up with the same problem: no new carrots appear. There's a huge population of rabbits frolicking in the meadow, but I have no bait for my traps! So... is it an issue with just my currently generated world or something else? Do carrots regrow or do I need to farm them for more? What's their regrowth rate, if they do?
  6. I managed to survive 10 days this time. Had 3 farm plots going. Realized I needed more manure, and headed to pig town. OMG, they had all turned into werepigs! Run! So two of them chased me around the world like forever, I tried to distract them by running near rabbits, birds, spiders, etc but they just wouldn't give up. I realized it's going nowhere so I had no choice but to face them and fight (first time ever so I had no idea what my chances were). Their first blows eliminated my logsuit, and the second blow killed me outright. Nothing I could have done.
  7. I never found any beefalos... at least not yet. I got my manure by offering flowers to pig-men. That's the first thing I tried.
  8. Fire pit ran out of fuel. Got pitch black, and I dumbly tried refueling it instead of whipping out a torch. Got chomped by an untold horror lurking in the darkness.
  9. Yeah, just a thought. Would you find it useful if you were able to click on the map to add little notes and markers there? Most of the important things are already displayed on the map, but I've still felt like I've wanted to add something. (NOTE: I haven't yet played long and well enough to be able to make and use papyrus - as in, is this feature already there?)