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  1. Wow, I haven't touched the game in a day or two, but apparently whatever changes you made to the GL-beta version made a difference. When opening the game I noticed the "this is a test" message, and the "Creating world" window that pops up in the browser popped up--this has never happened for the steam version before. Then the game popped up! With colors other than black! It looks like it works fine, but I will mess with it later.
  2. Just a quick note to everyone not following this thread from the beginning, there appear to be two different problems getting thrown together here. Problem 1: Some of us have a dark screen problem associated with the Intel card (see screenshot early in this thread) but the game opens and runs fine otherwise. Problem 2: Others appear to be crashing--this is sometimes related to Intel cards (sometimes possibly not), sometimes there is an openGL related error message (sometimes not). If you say "same as everyone" or "same as all the others" without more a more specific reference, it may not be particularly helpful to the devs. To the devs: I look forward to playing, and wish I could help you guys test something other than this graphics problem. Thanks for your hard work!
  3. Alas, the openGL crash build did not work for me. A quick note about a comment made earlier: I know that this doesn't hold for all of the intel integrated cards having the problem, but my intel HD4000 with drivers updated to the most current is advertised as supporting openGL up to 3.1. I am curious to know what limitations were being referred to?
  4. I tried playing around with Intel's card setting utility, but no changes seemed to have any effect. For now, I am hoping tomorrow's update fixes it.
  5. I am having the same issue as several other users. The game demo works fine in a browser, i purchased it on steam, and the graphics are unplayable. I have had no luck messing with the openGL settings, resolutions, screen mode, etc. ******** Toshiba Win 8 (64bit) Intel i7 (2.4GHz) 8Gb Ram Intel HD4000 *********