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  1. Steam Graphics

    Anisotropic filtering didn't fix it, but I did get it to work by turning on FXAA Anti-aliasing, so yay
  2. Steam Graphics

    JayP: I can't find a way to set it specifically for Don't Starve, but Steam is set to a similar setting. JoeW: I saw that thread and tried fiddling with the settings they specified to no result. etemelkuran: No change from your suggestion My old laptop runs it fine, even if it does heat it up something fierce, so I'll sate my hunger there for now, so to speak, and hope future updates fix this, being in its alpha stages and all.
  3. Steam Graphics

    I just bought the game from Steam (sadly, only steam, don't have a Chrome copy), and this is how it looks whenever I try to run it: Sometimes it's just black, or green or red outlines, the main menu and the game UI always look fine, though. I'm running the new Razer Blade with its NVIDIA GTX 660M graphics card, drivers up to date. I've verified the installation and reinstalled the game a couple times.