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  1. Don't Starve on Steam Crash

    Just manually re-installed latest video driver and it seems to have fixed my problem. Sorry about wasting your time! Driver auto-update kept telling me it was up to date. Thanks again!
  2. Don't Starve on Steam Crash

    Specs are; Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium AMD Athlon II X4 620 Processor, 2600 Mhz 4.00 GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series Thanks for the prompt response!
  3. I purchased Don't Starve on steam yesterday (11/09/12) and haven't been able to access the beta. The game will load the main menu and go through the process of loading the world, but then all I see is a black screen for a few seconds and Don't Starve closes itself. Here's my log.txt; Starting up THREAD - started 'GAClient' (6136) HttpClient::ClientThread::Main() cGame::InitializeOnMainThread cDontStarveGame::DoGameSpecificInitialize() cGame::StartPlaying LOADING LUA DoLuaFile data/scripts/main.lua DoLuaFile loading buffer data/scripts/main.lua c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\main.lua(93,1) running main.lua LOADING LUA SUCCESS c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\mixer.lua(76,1) Set set_sfx 1 c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\mixer.lua(76,1) Set set_ambience 1 c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\mixer.lua(76,1) Set set_music 0.1 Reset() returning c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\screens\mainscreen.lua(423,1) false true SimLuaProxy::SubmitCompletedLevel() SubmitCompletedLevel::{} COULD NOT DELETE FILE c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\gamelogic.lua(265,1) ! SimLuaProxy::QueryServer() /inst/get - POST/{"character":"wilson","name":"Test name","size":"small"} c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\mixer.lua(76,1) Set master 0