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  1. We're Live!

    Keep doing what you guys are doing cause you are great.I'm not the most active poster here but I'm lurking around since the beta started. Love the community here, awesome forum, awesome game, awesome developers.
  2. I like it, this shouldnt be removed. But yeah, thats just my opinion.
  3. I agree on everything. You put a lot of effort into your text.
  4. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    All objects you find at the start are randomly placed, you wont get objects that fit your needs perfectly. Just saying
  5. Agreed, everything you say is true.+1
  6. Too Much, Too fast

    .... so you are complaining about content being delivered as fast as possible?laughed
  7. Lightning, yeah wuhu -_-

    I for one love the lightning, even though it burned the forest near my base.
  8. Very good way to start winter:

    I think he was just joking.
  9. What time is the update at?

    Newsflash: Sorry, it got canceled.
  10. I think we shouldnt discuss something we didnt even experience in OUR game. So yeah, wait for it to release ok? I for one think winter isnt really the best time to explore. I watched the stream, and it seemed like hunger, insanity and freezing to death turned into a problem really fast for riptide. Prepare for winter, survive winter. I want this game to be a challenge, staying alive up to day 50+ wont be that easy anymore. Exactly like I want it.
  11. Deerclops are kinda...

    It was adorable.
  12. Oh ok I got that wrong somehow.
  13. I wasnt being ironic. Just saying. My english isnt that good.
  14. I just looked trough the whole thread.Wow. You guys are really working hard on that puzzle!
  15. Didnt know that it changes so much.I was always wondering why I never had a swamp in level 2.
  16. I'm pretty often on the forum, but most of the time just lurking around. :D


  17. Piggy! (Spoilers) Adventure mode

    Wow thats awesome! I hope they keep adding stuff like that.
  18. Insanity Appreciation Thread

    holy crap, i just encountered the hand! Awesome!
  19. Food spoilage?

    I like how spoiling food works in games like Project Zomboid. So I guess I have some experience how this is going to feel in the game. My opinion: Add it. It makes the game more challenging and makes the player think more about his/her strategy of collecting food. SPOILING FOOD + WINTER yes please
  20. Well, of course every company that works on a game wants to get money for the game they make. Thats how it works. Now back to the discussion. I dont really have experience in coding and dont know if its easy or hard to add multiplayer. But I definetely think its not needed in a game like this, this game creates a really nice atmosphere, adding multiplayer would destroy it for me. But thats just my opinion.
  21. Steam discussion

    Who hates Steam? Valve is a great company.
  22. Adding Co-op takes too much time, they would have to recode everything. It wont ever be in the game. FIN
  23. Multiplayer

    Good to hear this I hope there will be less new people suggesting it now.
  24. 34 minutes. its 7:30 pm where I live so its a perfect time for me to play.
  25. This game needs a co-op

    Ah well. Another guy asking this. First off all. HI! Second. Please look in the "Common Suggestions" sticky before suggesting something. Third: To answer your question, multiplayer is NOT happening. It costs too much developing time and wouldnt really pay off.