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  1. I think we shouldnt discuss something we didnt even experience in OUR game. So yeah, wait for it to release ok? I for one think winter isnt really the best time to explore. I watched the stream, and it seemed like hunger, insanity and freezing to death turned into a problem really fast for riptide. Prepare for winter, survive winter. I want this game to be a challenge, staying alive up to day 50+ wont be that easy anymore. Exactly like I want it.
  2. Didnt know that it changes so much.I was always wondering why I never had a swamp in level 2.
  3. I'm pretty often on the forum, but most of the time just lurking around. :D


  4. Didn't see you in a long time, welcome back! :D


  5. Wow thats awesome! I hope they keep adding stuff like that.
  6. I like how spoiling food works in games like Project Zomboid. So I guess I have some experience how this is going to feel in the game. My opinion: Add it. It makes the game more challenging and makes the player think more about his/her strategy of collecting food. SPOILING FOOD + WINTER yes please
  7. Well, of course every company that works on a game wants to get money for the game they make. Thats how it works. Now back to the discussion. I dont really have experience in coding and dont know if its easy or hard to add multiplayer. But I definetely think its not needed in a game like this, this game creates a really nice atmosphere, adding multiplayer would destroy it for me. But thats just my opinion.
  8. Who hates Steam? Valve is a great company.
  9. Adding Co-op takes too much time, they would have to recode everything. It wont ever be in the game. FIN
  10. Good to hear this I hope there will be less new people suggesting it now.