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  1. Ah right - thanks. Yep, when you first sign up it tells you that you can't post till you authenticate your email, but it let me post anyway. Thanks....
  2. If you need to make several of something (e.g. planks) it's a pain having to keep going back to find the icon. Having an icon that showed what you last made and letting you click directly would be really handy.
  3. I got caught out by monster meat, and I don't think I'm the only one by reading a bug report, and was killed. As the character should realise if something has hurt them I think a brief message would help make it clearer.
  4. Forum prob - no confirmation email after signing up (have checked spam folder too), though I can post in the forums strangely. Get permission denied for things like editing my signature. Absolutely love Don't Starve by the way, seriously hooked already.
  5. Several times have managed to wander off and a chest hasn't closed. While a useful cheat (can still put things in / out) it's definitely a bug. Also annoying as there is no way to close the chest without walking all the way back to it.