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  1. that most definately is the best spot for a camp, if the islands vary resources
  2. i had it equiped, and clicked on the hammer and then the chest while the hammer was on my cursor still
  3. why not post screen shots? and make our own leaderboard?
  4. a quick fix could be to use 5 durability when equiped? - - - Updated - - - a quick fix could be to use 5 durability when equiped?
  5. i clicked on the hammer and went to place it in a chest, the hammer was equiped at the time, my char hit the box with the hammer and placed it in the chest also, leaving a hammer still equipped to me and one inside the chest
  6. i hit a broken meat effigy with a hammer and it fixed it, its now upright, i'm not willing to die to test if it is functional or not it could just be a graphical bug
  7. well, in nature, its normal for animals to flock to water and food supplies, why should it be any different here also in doing so, perhaps add fences that can merely slow them down
  8. nice video setup there skull, i like how you mirrored the video at the end
  9. but, i dont need to die :*( i have literally the best setup ever, and i know it can be improved tenfold id also have to kill myself 4 times as i have 3 meat effigys
  10. im completely self sufficent without farms, eating raw monster meat isnt that bad, and only does like 10 damage but heals 1/3 hunger
  11. just read some of the other peoples post, and just realized my post is very similar to forts XD
  12. i would love a steam key, not for me, but my brother, i am sure he would love this game as he is very fond of survival games, i already acquired this for myself by trading 2 dota 2 keys for a single steam key. if i do not receive a key, i must still thank you for your generosity towards another human being as such things are rare these days
  13. there are a few things i think can be altered her, when you say, dig instead of pick, you can actually pick it, then dig it one thing that i think needs to be stated in each guide, DON'T TAKE RISK at all until you have a meat efiggy thingymajig