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  1. Hey um, the newest update just added more settings and you can turn off Bloom and my game works smoothly now.
  2. Giveaway ended! Thanks for the comments and the winners, enjoy your games! The winners are mentioned in the first post.
  3. Thanks! And I actually bought the game twice to give away the copies, I have the Steam version but that one doesn't work on my laptoo when the Chrome one does.
  4. Hello there, I bought the game and I don't need the Steam codes and I don't want to give the humble key to a friend, so I'll give it away here! How to enter : Tell me which code you want, the Humble store or the Steam code, and say why you should be picked, easy as that! By the way, if you want to see some gameplay videos, subscribe to my Youtube channel : I will announce the winners when I get the time, but it will probably be before this week's Friday. The winners will be announced here and they will be messaged the key they wanted. Good luck to you all!! EDIT : I can only give out 1 Humble Store key and 1 Steam Code because my friend really wanted the game so I kinda had to give him it, sorry for this but hey there is still a chance for you 2 people! EDIT : The winners are cnkandrew and jansoft88! Enjoy your games!
  5. Changing the resolution does nothing, I guess I kinda wasted my money on the steam version now since I can't play it on a laptop..
  6. Steam Alpha Testing!

    Well I already said that it barely works for me on the thread I posted, but I don't seem to find a fix, even after restarting my PC, I still get a low framerate.
  7. I'm pretty sure they are, I did download a driver update a couple weeks ago and it said that all my drivers are up to date.
  8. Hey, I have a Intel Dual Core 1.5GHz with Intel HD Graphics (3000, I think) with 4GB of RAM, I have DirectX 11 on my computer. But I still don't get how the Steam version has such low framerate, the Chrome version is working really smooth but when I play it through Steam, I can't play at all, changing resolutions doesn't change anything.
  9. I just bought the game from Steam, I was really excited for it since the Chrome version ran really smooth for me. But I downloaded the game and immediately when I started the world, I got terrible framerate, about 10FPS. Is there any way to fix this? Or is it just a problem with the Steam version, I'm really annoyed that I can't play the game..