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  1. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - I searched and found nothing in the post titles that was similar. Anyway, I'm just wondering if there's any significance to the music that gets triggered as I'm wandering through the game world? The combat music is obvious, of course, but as I'm walking around music will fade in and out. I'm not sure if it's simply that area's "theme" or if it's meant to indicate that I'm approaching something interesting/dangerous/etc. Just curious - thanks!
  2. Would gold be considered "small" because it is small? Or "large" because it is heavy/valuable/rare? Or am I overthinking it?
  3. In the darkness...

    Just rolled a new world and noticing the firepit issues seem worse. Now, adding fuel to a firepit (or campfire) can have no effect ("the darkness is looming" no matter how much wood I put on fire), or a couple of times, adding a log has actually made the fire go down - which seems wrong, unless there's some wet log feature I'm unaware of
  4. Really excited about the MotN editor!*

    Just received word via Twitter that the (my) rumors of a MotN editor are unfounded. However, I think you just have to follow the money trail to find out the truth. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? Follow the money? Does anybody have some money I can start following?
  5. Exposure

    Well, the whole thing has a very existential flavor to it, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is no escaping the island I agree, I would not want a shelter mechanic if it were only for aesthetic reasons. There should be a purpose to it, and it should solve a problem.
  6. * which I have absolutely no proof exists or is even being planned. But I like to start trouble.
  7. Exposure

    Have not encountered the tent yet - was not aware of it. And there's more to do in a shelter than just stand in it. A hot shower comes to mine (my survival shelters are very ambitious). I see your point though. - - - Updated - - - * mind - oops
  8. I know Don't Starve is not meant to be a survival simulator, but one of the biggest threats in a survival situation is exposure. One of the most important things you can do in a survival situation is find or construct shelter. I don't know if that's in the works for future builds, but considering the plethora of building materials available I am often wishing I could build a simple lean-to. Better yet, slaughter the pigs and squat in one of their houses. It's probably been suggested before and I know I'm late to the party, but it's something that has been nagging at me ever since I stopped dying on Day 1.
  9. In the darkness...

    I think what some of us are finding with this latest change, however, is that the fire no longer shrinks. It just starts at whatever level it starts at when you add a log to the cold firepit, it burns for a bit, then abruptly goes out. No diminishing light circle to warn you that the fuel is running low.
  10. In the darkness...

    Finding that two logs gets me through the night on a firepit, however they extinguish instantaneously - i.e. there's no gradual fade down. And the duration of each log seems very random. Several times the log burned out after about 10 seconds (rough count), while others burned for quite a long time. Again, though, when they extinguish they do so without warning. This is on the Steam client.