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  1. Yes and i realize that now. But maybe there should be a somewhat difficult way to renew the light? Instead of having the hat break.
  2. Hmm, good idea. I wasn't taking into account the firefly when i posted this. The consumed firefly idea is a good idea. Or maybe they could change the recipe to be made from charcoal and run on charcoal because charcoal is a bit more difficult to get. Maybe they could create a firefly lantern?
  3. I was a bit disappointed when i made the miner hat. I was expecting a hat that would last forever that would provide light, but all it is is a strong torch. I suggest maybe using a system like charcoal to power it or something like that. For example when the hat was at zero percent instead of breaking, the hat would consume any charcoal in your inventory and put the hat back at one-hundred percent. The hat should also only turn on at night so it wouldn't waste charge during the day. Again these are all suggestions. Thanks for reading!
  4. Reply in the comments if you want to trade and tell me your steam name.
  5. Is this still open? I have an extra copy and i really want Civilization V.
  6. Sorry for the delay. My graphics card drivers are up-to-date.
  7. My friend just sent me a copy of the game, and when i tried to load it this happened. This is on my Windows 7 laptop and i have the standard IntelĀ® HD Graphics.
  8. I click create new world and i just get a black screen. The weird thing is that all of the GUI of the game is still there. I can see my inventory bar and my crafting bar and my health and my hunger. I can also see on the screen things like walk, or pick up. Here is a link to the picture. (Sorry that it isn't on the forums file upload manager. The picture exceeded the maximum amount of kilobytes.) http://imgur.com/SKBmP Does anybody know how to fix this?