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  1. Question about Speedrunning

    I think I'll back up the game anyway in case you guys try to sneak in any invisible walls or something, but I just finished streaming and showed off pretty much all of it in a ridiculous glitchtastic New Game+ run that ended in 36:39.67 http://www.twitch.tv/raelcun/c/1754453
  2. Hi, I'm the fellow who speedran Mark of the Ninja for Sandython. I had a particularly poor run, but since then we've found a lot more glitches that kind of "break" the game. I'm a little scared to put up videos publicly for them since I've had some issues with other companies patching speedrunning tactics in the past. So I figured I'd just ask the question. Do you plan on fixing the particularly game breaking glitches used by a speedrun? Should I just look into backing up the current version and playing Mark of the Ninja offline?
  3. Hi, I'm having a rather strange issue with Mark of the Ninja. I've been working on speedrunning New Game+ (current time 48:35) and I am unable to use the timer program that I normally would. When the window focus is on Mark of the Ninja it overrides any other global hotkeys on the system including the timer. This also includes hotkeys to change scenes in xsplit or other streaming hotkeys. This is a particularly annoying issue that requires me to have to click off the game in order to activate any hotkeys for other programs I have running. Is there a working solution to this?