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  1. Actually, thats a terrible idea, a majority of monsters are stunned when hit, i guess it would be a good idea if you are kiteing a mob of monsters but...
  2. Beefalos are meant to be strong, and i would advice possibly leading a single beefalo away from the pack and killing him with a spear. Oh and they have signifigently more health than most other animals so it may take 5-6 hits
  3. I like what you think of my ideas, but the cracks formed in a earthquake would after seal after maybe a week or two in game
  4. First off, i know some of you are against adding more magic to the game and just having technology and things of that sort but this is what i have for you So these are a few ideas i have for adding a bit of magic to the game. Mandrake something I couldnt really come up with a clever title for this but... if you read one of my other posts i talked about natural disasters and basically this is crafted with some rare maybe magical item, and a raw mandrake, and basically it can only be activated during a natural disaster and it will stop the natural disaster instantly. Silk suit: Do you remember that demon guy you meet in the beginning? well this suit will look kinda like his and require a ridiculous amount of silk, But its not all aesthetics this suit has no durability and reduces damage taken by 50% and i will leave it to your imagination what happens when you wear the top-hat and suit at once. Cauldron This will work kinda like how the crock pot works but uses items found in graves, So basically, it will give a random magical item and will have very few if any definite recipies, some having good, some having bad effects on you or the world around you. Like maybe some are "Unknown potions" that can have a random effect rangeing from OP!!!! to DEATH!!!!! I have completely run out of ideas for magic, if you have any post them in the comments But now for technology Fences: I know this idea has been posted millions of times already but i really think it should be done, and i have a few ideas on how they should work against mobs. Basically they have a set amount of hp perhaps around 2 log armors and monsters like tree guards, beefalos, and other walking animals of their type cannot go through the fence unless provoked to go through, but spiders can crawl over the fence and ghosts can pass through them. But lets talk about when they are damaged, depending on how damaged they are, they will visibly damaged and right clicking on it with a hammer and wood in your inventory you can go repair it. Pier: These may prove to be difficult to add but i would advice having a set limit to the amount of piers available in a single map. So these will be crafted with gold, and a literal ton of boards and wood. But basically they will create this short boardwalk out into the ocean that you can fish off of. And you should probably make sure that its impossible to place a pier on a pier Backpack This would be a item that uses the chest spot on your character to add maybe 3 or so inventory slots. And it will require a chest to craft the item The next few will be questionable and probably only be useful if disasters are added Lunar map This should be a map that tells you what lunar phase it will be tonight, and tell you what the upcoming lunar phases will be or if there is a upcoming eclipse. And can only be crafted with papyrus, and piece of meteorite stone on a full moon. Disaster predictor: I have absolutely no clue what this should be called or how it should be crafted, but if disasters are added, there should be a way to predict disasters a day or two in advance.
  5. I don't think this would be a good idea, because lets say you die with a lot of stuff on you and it all drops on the ground... but you had a meat effigy so you are alive and well, but alas, you do not have any of your gear. If there was auto pickup you could retrieve it easily but i have actually died trying to retrieve my stuff from where i died the last time.
  6. Personally, i think the bosses should have something interesting, like perhaps it should be how the Terraria bosses work in that you need to summon them to fight them and get their loot, but some of them come automatically come if you are powerful enough and have lived long enough. And i think there should be a gold spear of sorts and perhaps have the ability to research stronger armor, like maybe one of them is a rare drop from tentacles that is basically a inprooved log armor that deals damage to the enemy whenever you are attacked, But i think there should be a armor that loses durability extremely slowly but instead of absorbing 100% of the damage it absorbs maybe 40% or 75%
  7. I think what makes the game signifigently more difficult is that you can only have one save game running
  8. Personally, i think the recipe would be too easy to make, perhaps it needs something like gunpowder or dynamite which is a rare item found in graves, and i should be abled to instantly get rid of spider nests, and you can bait it. For example, lets say you plan to light a bunch of spiders nests on fire releasing all of the spiders, then have a pumpkin bomb baited with monster meat nearby, literally all of the spiders would die instantly from it. And pumpkins arent very rare in my opinion
  9. Like i said, the flood will not flow all the way up the island, and its probably a bad idea to live near the water on a island that is prone to floods. thats like saying they should remove werewolfs because if your base is near it during a full moon you will be killed by werewolfs. And for storms, you will not loose all of the vital resources you need from a measly forest fire as in chests are not flammable, by the time storms can happen you should be abled to survive a few days without acess to fresh resources. And for tornado's, they are very small scale so they probably wouldnt fling everything within a days walk away, For earthquakes, as i said before. You really should be abled to survive isolated from the outside world for awhile by this time of the game, and remember Just because you don't have unlimited access to a resource does not mean you don't have any
  10. How? you can fairly easily survive each of the disasters. Flood: The flood does not go all the way up the island and will eventually go back down Thunderstorm: It will be a very low chance for you to be hit with lightning, and if your talking about forest fires, after a decent period of time each of the plants/trees will respawn somewhere in the map. Tornado: This probably wont kill you unless you have very low hp, and you may just need to retreive all of the structures of yours that were flung apart Earthquake I dont really see why this would kill you, and the land would eventually move back together
  11. Yes i thought of that, basically if a resource like berry bushes, saplings, grass, or trees are removed, they will eventually respawn somewhere else in the map
  12. Earlier I was playing the game at night huddling near my campfire when I thought to myself "What if a demon were to come and kill me?" So then i thought that demons should be these flying creatures that try to land and kill you whenever, But spawn very rarely at night after a sufficient amount of days. And maybe they should drop like a demon fang which you can craft together with something else for some awesome spear. So I continued thinking and thought "What if there were natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, lightning storms, or maybe tornado's. And maybe they begin to happen more and more often later in the game so it will eventually get to the point where you cannot survive because of them. Earthquakes: Earthquakes should be a fairly rare even that shouldn't happen during the first week or two of the game, And basically it makes a bunch of unsurpassable cracks around the islands. Floods: Floods should be another slightly less rare event that shouldn't happen during the first week of the game, and basically the ocean rises over a few days slowly shrinking the size of the map and getting rid of land bridges. If you are wondering what the flood does to trees and other structures, for trees it turns them into that brown state where the don't drop wood until they recover, they destroy fire pits and campfires, and breakdown other structures like the hammer does. Lightning storms: These should be fairly common and happen regardless of the age of the world, But basically its loud and stormy for awhile, but there's lightning which can cause a small fire and a large flash of light. But with this a way to put out fires should be included and have things like berry bushes, saplings, and other flammable things can randomly spawn around the world when they are destroyed from fire. Also if they player happens to be hit with the lightning bolt there should be a animation of sorts which deals massive damage but Wilson is immune to this. Tornado s: Tornado's should be a uncommon event that tends to be small scale, but causes mobs and structures to fly up into it and spin around with a nicely made animation then eventually fling each of them to a random area of the map. Eclipse This will happen during the day after X amount of moon cycles and basically its dusk for a majority of the day until it reaches a full eclipse and you can be killed by a gru. You of course could add something interesting that happens on a eclipse like specific mobs come out like creatures that are usually docile suddenly become enraged. Meteor crash These should happen once at a random time later in the game and basically cause a fire where ever it crashes but drop a bunch of these boulders of meteorite that will cause fire damage when you get close to it, but if you choose to mine it it will drop meteorite ore or something like that. And if you are wondering it will not land near your base/near you, it will attempt to land on a non special unexplored area of the map with none of the players structures/transplanted crops. So those are the peculiar weather events, But lets talk about randomly spawning mobs. Zombies : Zombies should spawn when they see you digging up graves like how the tree guard attacks you when he sees you are chopping down trees, But this should happen much much more often and they should spawn in moderately large gangs to make them harder to fight. Goblin: Goblins should spawn like how turkeys occasionally come out of bushes when you harvest but a bit rarer. But now you ask "What do they do?" Well they will steal a single valuable item(or stack) then run as fast as they can away. But lets say you manage to corner it and kill it, Well it drops the things it stole and a golden nugget aswell. Poison spider: I was a bit undecided on how these should work, weather they should have a distinct standalone nest, occasionally be mixed with regular nests, Or have nests occasionally be poison spider nests. Anyways, poison spiders should be slightly smaller and overall faster greenish spiders that deal stackable poison D.O.T's(damage over time) and maybe accelerate exhaustion(How fast your hunger depletes) Rabbit of Caerbannog: This should have a slight chance of coming out of a bunny hole and attacking you similar to how tree guards spawn. But basically it will be very quick and deal a ton of damage but when killed drops several morsels. And maybe it drops teeth which you can make into a razor blade that deals a ton of damage but has a very short range. Now ill say some spooky things about how i think ghosts should work Ghosts come out at night ghosts should come out at night, but they only stay in the graveyard and tend not to wander from the fog. Spectral bridges These should be these strange cloud like bridges that are only there on a new moon and lead to "Haunted islands". If you are on this bridge at dawn you will be dropped into the ocean and die by the kraken (A giant bundle of tentacles that attack you if your are lost at sea) Haunted islands Haunted islands are basically these independent islands with nothing but graves and creepy looking trees on it. But i would advice keeping it open for different structures, like maybe it could have demonic shrines required to research specific spells or magical items. Oh and the ghosts come out every night here, And if you have not realized already, if you go here you are trapped here until the next full moon. Oh and a little side note, i think there should be a alpha beefalo which is identified by a larger size, and much larger curly horns. And it will have significantly more health and deal significantly more damage and other beefalos tend to follow him, And it resists interruption like how the tree guard does in that it takes a few hits before it manages to hit you. But if you do manage to kill this beast you get a "Alpha beefalo horn" which can either be researched for a very great sum of money, or it could be used in magic to create a horn that temporarily summons a small heard of beefalos to defend you. Or the horn could be used for something really interesting like open up a land bridge needed to advance in the game. Im back for a bit, and i just came up with a awesome idea, Caves; These should be these little mounds with a hole in the front and when you walk into the entrance it makes a walking sound while the camera is zooming in. Once you are inside it is pitch black and if you don't have a source of light you will be killed by a gru. Caves could be something that spawns once in a entire map and have a large quarry inside, or they could spawn occasionally and have a small room inside with something interesting.
  13. Anyways, when i first made my base i thought it would be a good idea to build it inside a pig village for protection, Now i need to flee to my quarry station every full moon
  14. So i was chopping down trees minding my own business when suddenly this "Tree guard" popped up and slowly walked towards me, Now being me with 100% log armor and a spike stick i tried killing it with no success, So i tried using a axe... Still no success. And keep in mind that last night my camp was ambushed by two werewolves that almost killed me. Btw, im sorry about how small the screenshot is, it kept saying i went over my quota so i had to shrink