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  1. By the way, it will be difficult in the summer aswell from droughts and such.
  2. Im not saying it should be added, im just saying if it is this is how it should work.
  3. Perishable foods are the topic of today. As you know, there was a idea already posted about perishable foods and one of the questions the devs had for the original idea poster was "What happens if a single piece of food in a stack rots? does it take up another inventory slot? if it does what if your inventory is full?" Well, i originally thought that the first one you take out of that stack would be rotten but... i decided you should just drop the rotten food/take up another inventory space. Cooking and its effects on the perishability of food: So basically, raw food perishes slower than cooked food, but lets say you want something that will never perish for the upcoming winter. Well if you cook it a third time it reduce the amount of food it restores, but it will slowly if ever perish. So if you cook a berry 3 times, it will turn into a dried berry. Or if you cook a steak 3 times, it will make jerky. How perishing times should relate to location: So, i think food should perish very quickly when its on the ground, perish slightly slower when in your inventory, and perish very slowly when in a chest. So here are the names i think each of the dried foods should have. Pumpkin- Dried pumpkin chips Dragon fruit- Dried dragon fruit Carrots- Dried carrots Berries- Raisins, prunes, or dried berries Eggplant- Dried egg plant Morsel- Jerkey Steak- Salted meat, beef flank, pastrami and there is another one but i cannot remember what its name was.
  4. I do agree there should be difficulty's, but this is how i think they should work. On easy the amount of exp you receive is reduced to 50%, on normal its 100% and on hard its 150%. For easy, seasons should be there, but they don't do anything to the world but change its colors, so this would be for aesthetics only. For medium, i think there shouldn't be any weather events that happen specifically to that season, like in the winter there wouldn't be snowstorms and you cant die from cold. But plants still die and not grow back in the winter and plants wouldn't die from dehydration in the summer but still grow slightly slower. For hard, there should be the terrible life threatening weather events that are unique to seasons. And maybe monsters deal more damage or you starve faster.
  5. There will be several, birds will begin migrateing, days will be getting shorter, trees will lose their leaves, rabbits will slowly begin to turn white.
  6. You seem to be making the assumption that the first season is winter, the first season will either be fall of spring.
  7. What do you mean? a option to disable it? I don't think there should be one, that would be like having a option to have infinite food or have no perma death
  8. Ive noticed something with you, you will basically think of a situation where what we added would become difficult Example-if you get all of your food from berry bushes you will die in the winter These situations are designed to make a player need to take sudden risks or force the player to step out of their safe zone. Did you read the post about the guy who lived 110 days?! literally every single aspect of what he exploited to survive could be prevented if there were dangerous situations like disasters or seasons.
  9. The game is way to easy as it is. winter should be just as long as all of the others forceing players to stock up on non perishable food for the winter.
  10. I could see adding a leash that allows you to take a specific mob on a walk or maybe tie it to a post. But i couldn't see raising a animal and having them have attributes on how you fed them, and i cant really see competition going well. Chances are i would literally just kill the entire pack.
  11. Pig, can you use commas more often? it really makes the sentence make more sense. Anyways, it would be fun but i dont think the game should have any type of taming besides maybe a conventional pen to keep them in so you can farm their meat.
  12. The game is meant to make you feel alone, its what adds to the dark gloomy feeling of the game. But i have a pet beefalo trapped in a tree ring
  13. Exactly! but you need to feed them much much more food than the amount of food they will produce, and i dont think a survival game should have a pet sim in it.
  14. Exacly, seasons are made to get rid of the people that are being immortal living off of berries, what if we threw them a curveball and made it so there will be a winter where you cannot grow crops, or a summer where you have to constantly water them. Having seasons that you cannot grow food in will force players to leave their little enclosed area and go search trees for nuts, or begin making beef jerky to survive the upcoming winter.
  15. This is how i feel seasons should work. Basically the world will very gradually change, you probably get that but lets talk about what the seasons do to the world starting with winter. The next few will be different weather events that can take place in winter, Higher the number, higher the severity. Lets talk about spring Now that were done talking about spring, lets talk about the summer Now we are back at fall Uninvented items below
  16. Yea, my farm is extremely dense and its annoying as heck fighting them in it
  17. What you described reminds me of a pet sim where you need to take care of a pet and get sort of a mediocre reward for it. Like I can easily get like 15 morals daily.
  18. I think they should continue working with magic and technology, but they really should do what terraria did and just have a bunch of really op magical weapons and tools. I started a thread on how i think magic should work and a few ideas i had in mind, Here it is
  19. By the way, each goes to a completely different island
  20. I play chrome and going into a specific forest used to result in a pretty severe slowdown, the forest was very dense btw
  21. You are sort of missing the point of the game, for now, since there isn't anything in the endgame that requires you to really take any risks, you need to implement your own challenges and set goals for yourself like kill a tentacle, build a tophat, or build a featherhat and different terrible disasters that may happen more and more often later in the game.
  22. Nah, i think this would be a challenge, but i dont think the devs should actually add IG challenges
  23. I like most of these ideas, but i dont think willows fire & forest fires should be abled to cook food, have you ever tried cooking a steak on a burning tree?
  24. I think actually tameing the wolf wouldn't go well with the other mechanics of the game. And you spelled evolution wrong