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  1. Yeah, Dungeonland came to mind when I was working this idea out. I just like Dungeon Master games, what can I say? I feel like there's a lack of them, too.

    Couldn't agree more.


    Question is, what if someone is playing as the playable Maxwell in this? Would his playable character simply be unavailable? Or what it be from the perspective of Them?

    Then it would be wilson, being corrupted by *them* just like maxwell?

  2. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. This game never was meat to be sandbox building. It's not about building bases and planting forests, building castles, laying carpets and roads. All that decorative items ruined the game, moved it form survival to poor 2d minecraft clone. You want to kill me, hate me, hate me more. Butterfly wings heal for 20 hp, you don't need to do anything dangerous to get it, spider gland heal for 8 and you must kill a spider and it can be dangerous, to get healing slave from it you must invest in next 2 items, one of them is limited resource to get that 20 HP healing, that is perfectly balanced, next is Honey Poultice, you need honey and reeds to make it for 30 hp, while you can heal with honey ham without risk, again perfectly balanced. Refreshing eggs and giving meat to bird in a cage is again perfectly balanced. Refreshing full stack of food by clicking with fresh food over it is again perfectly fine. Could go on like this for more items in game, but don't care about it anymore. Want build castles turn off all monsters and set food to high, but go away from default game difficulty it should not be easy. It's not sandbox building it's survival, and your survival should never be granted, you should have problems with food and other resources, and you should die if you make to many mistakes.

    Again, im a softcore player, but I think that eggs are OP and butterfly wings, even if I didnt use them in my 34 hours ingame, what I suggest is make them heal more and make a resource called *plate* wich you make with 3 rocks, and you use it to make healing salve, and when you eat it, you get it back.And for the eggs, make it so it drops spoiled eggs, wich you could use for gunpowder, that would make it a good change.And for the reeds, it seems very unreasonable, it would be better if it used grass, about 1 or 2 and heal 50

  3. There are icons for the phonograph to, and even records for it.But what are these character comments you speak of?I thought I knew every quote in the game after making my language pack.

    In the spoiler you can see: return Phonograph( "phonograph_gears", "gears", "This looks like it might be useful to make something fun."),Phonograph( "phonograph_box", "box", "Mysteriouser and mysteriouser... maybe I should keep it for later."),Phonograph( "phonograph_crank", "crank", "I wonder what this is for? Probably part of some nefarious doomsday device."),Phonograph( "phonograph_cone", "cone", "Its either a fnny shaped trumpet or a hearing aid for a person signignificantly hard of hearing."),Phonograph( "phonograph_complete", "complete", "A fully assempled phonograph! Good times ahead!")

  4. I made a thread some time ago with tons of items unimplemented in the game.But that was mostly inventory icons, I didn't that there where scripts for the dried meat.Nice find.Also, the phonograph sound files are different versions of the songs already in the game.

    Thanks, also you might be right about the phonograph, but it got character comments about it, i think it might be an item, not sure though, having to find its parts as the teleportato