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  1. Steam Version?

    Heres a quick guide in getting your Steam app: 1. Enter your chrome key @ https://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/translatekey. 2. Open up Humble Bundle Store via the link given and login. 3. There will be a link to redeem your Steam keys. 4. Open Steam and go to Games > Redeem a product key > Enter your the key given at step 3.
  2. Don't Starve isnt loading

    Ah exactly what I needed, thanks. Hopefully the Steam version is more stable.
  3. Don't Starve isnt loading

    Ok, heres what comes out: ValidBrowser: true [NACL_ENABLED] util.js:16 Status: NO-STATUS util.js:16 Error: INVALID_STATE_ERR code:7 dump:{"code":7} log.js:162
  4. Steam Version?

    O...bummer Thanks for the quick reply =)
  5. Don't Starve isnt loading

    Nah dont think so, i was only level 3 and had like 3 games of 20 days approx each =/ Come on Klei! this thread's got 200+ views, a lot of us cant play...
  6. Steam Version?

    Hey there, I recently purchased the Beta for Don't Starve and was told that I would get the Steam version for free when it comes out. Been reading the forums and it seems some are already playing via Steam, how do I do so? My Chrome version hasnt been working for close to a week: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1137-Don-t-Starve-isnt-loading Thanking in advance
  7. Don't Starve isnt loading

    Two of my friends who bought the game cant play now either.
  8. Don't Starve isnt loading

    You and I are running the same version bro =) Also tried: a. Disabling antivirus (Norton 360) b. Disabling firewall (Norton 360) Still no luck..
  9. Don't Starve isnt loading

    Nope, running standard chrome for Windows 7 64bit. Version 22.0.1229.94
  10. Don't Starve isnt loading

    still a no for me
  11. Don't Starve isnt loading

    Hey there, Starting today, Dont Starve isnt loading for me , it hangs at the splash screen: http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/6598/45281767.png I've tried the following: a. Disabling all extensions/plugins for Chrome b. Reinstalling the app c. Clearing all cache/history for the past week I bought the game about 3 days ago.