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  1. Hmm, it seems I cannot. It does seem to be limited to the program. I'll make sure to turn it off while playing from now on.
  2. While I don't imagine this is a widespread bug, it is one none the less. When doing a kill move on an enemy, it seems that if you scroll at the same time, it kind of freezes the game. By kind of, I mean that while the animations will freeze, I'm still able to change gadgets, and open the map and the menu. The music continues to play as well. Selecting 'Restart from Checkpoint/Level', my score will go back to what it should be at the restart point, but nothing else happens; it stays in this half-frozen state. One odd bit is that, while the game is frozen, I can repeat the bug and it will move the animations frame-by-frame. I've also just confirmed that upon recreating the bug, after exiting Mark of the Ninja (Through normal means), Steam still recognizes it as open, so it cannot be relaunched, and Steam cannot be closed unless by Task Manager. In full disclosure, I do use a program called Drag To Scroll, which simulates mouse scrolling while a button is held (in my case, the middle mouse button, though default is right click) and the mouse is dragged. I will, of course, turn it off while the game is running from now on.