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  1. I have an idea, to put in game a backpack, that could be made with rope papyrus and grass. The way we could use it in game is that with backpack we could stack more items in one slot.
  2. works fine now testing testing testing
  3. when it will be fixed? because if you'll burn all the trees and they will grow again, there is no possibility to burn them again and about lack of sound and chop animation i will not mention
  4. I don't like your idea. My suggestion about spending research points is that why we could repair items using points and a crafting table or something like that and repair concerns only luxury items.
  5. Doesn't help. I'll wait till monday. Is there any differences between beta game client with and without 'staging' group that i picked on beta tab?
  6. i've got same problem but from yesterday, nothing appears just window blinks. it's my crash report if it help you guys