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  1. Reporting this problem also. Running OSX 10.12.6 Sierra with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 running on a Mac Pro. I am using the Nvidia drivers version 378.05.05.25f03. The game was behaving just fine on El Capitan last week, but ever since I updated, the game objects and assets will not render. Can you please priorise this and add it to the know issues? There are also people complaining about this on the Steam Forum. Please fix, we want to test the game further!
  2. True I forgot about beta. Still connectivity and client issues should not be part of beta, I can understand content, texture and gameplay glitches, but not errors that does not allow a user to use the product in order to bug report. Also I do not agree with beta stages requiring purchase, but I understand they need financing so that's why I payed for it. Yes I managed to resolve the issues with clearing caches I believe, but I did try it before about 5 times with no luck so there must be a read/write problem somewhere in between. Thanks for the help
  3. OK so I solved that problem by allowing third party cookies to be set in Chrome preferences. I made it to the menu and entered my KEY then the game restarted and now instead of the previous error I get this one: Is this going to end? How many client errors are there until I can play this? And instead of people coming on the forum and you redirecting to solutions discovered by other players, you might introduce a self troubleshooting engine so instead of weird unintelligible error message, the game could deliver a solution. Really considering filing a dispute and asking for a refund...
  4. So I installed the game in Chrome and played the demo. Everytime I try to access the game I get this error immediately after I press the login button. I also purchased the game today and cannot access it in order to play. This is the error I get in Chrome: I tried reinstalling the game and clearing up the cache. I am running latest Chrome on OSX 10.8.2 with up to date patches. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!