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  1. A worker may be the hammer's master, but the hammer still prevails. A tool knows exactly how it is meant to be handled, while the user of the tool can only have an approximate idea.

    "Milan Kundera"

    That said, I wanna hit stuff!

    I'm just waiting until we get some little baby beefalo, so that I can abduct those. Then I can stuff their parents in my effigy! Keep the family close and all that, don't want to traumatize the babies.

  2. I tend to space my gardens out, in a sort of Au Natural style. This is partly because of my own innate sense of Feng Shui, but mostly because I can't get the damn things to line up right. Honestly I like the idea of a grid that could be turned on or off from the options menu, but the oval would likely suffice.

  3. You have stolen the words from my mouth and the thoughts from my mind Excess! The best I feel I can provide at this point is my unwavering support for your plan of action! I've never had a Tallbird go aggro unless I was close to its nest, the Tallbird itself, or had stolen its egg... Just lucky perhaps? Haven't gotten hit yet either, as they always perform their little "I'ma chargin mah feet" dance.

  4. The secret here, I think, would be level segregation. You have, for instance, a well. You animate the character jumping in the well, potentially with a loading screen of them falling or whatnot, and then open with them at the bottom of the well, and depict the underground in the same 2.5D fashion as its overground counterpart. I've been thinking that it would be interesting to see some variegation in the landscape in the form of small cliffs. You draw them from one side, in a sort of slope _-----_ like so, and make them impassable from the lower side, but Wilson and company could jump down them from the upper half. It'd make for interesting travel, and some fun desperate runs through the pitch black of the forest at night.

  5. That's a fun little glitch there... Seems like it resolved itself after you whacked him one. I won't spoil too much of the methodology for dealing with these guys, experimentation is half the fun, but if you were to make the flame bigger that could work. I know some people have been kiting him across fully lit fires.

  6. I can confirm that finding. Interestingly, I'm having some graves spawn without headstones. These graves stay dug if I save and reload, but graves with headstones spawn another grave item after a save and reload. I don't suppose screenshots would be of any help?

  7. The fact that grue is considered a word by this forums spell checker pleases me immensely.

    Cool fact, the Grue first appeared in Jack Vance's Dying Earth novellas. Lot of magic in modern games is inspired by his style too, and is lovingly referred to as Vancian magic. Cool beans.

  8. Mmm! While we're discussing multiple click options, I was thinking about the torch...

    I'm not a huge fan of the idea of dual wielding items, which is crazy as I'm usually ecstatic about the idea. For some reason, it just doesn't click for me in terms of Don't Starve mechanics. I would love to see Wilson and friends hold the torch in their off hand, however, for the sake of using my other hand for other things whilst I explore the inky blackness beyond my camp.

  9. I was fiddling about with some flowers the other day and thought "Man, it sure would be nice if I had a farm for my petals, that way they were all gathered in one respawn location, rather than scattered about." Totally want beautiful floral arrangements to grace my campsite now.

    In addition, perhaps a buildable gazebo. Looks lovely, and perhaps more importantly gives a speed boost to nearby gardens and farms, just for being so nice to look at!

    I know a lot of things have been discussed before, and I hope I'm not stepping on toes with this one, but GIANT MUSHROOMS! For some reason the idea of bouncy little mushroom men, tending to giant patches of their tree sized, firmly rooted cousins is inescapably cool in my minds eye. Food for thought. Maybe food for Wilson ;)

  10. I'm going to pretend I was the only person to put forward that mirror idea, so that I can feel helpful and rocktastic rather than unoriginal and stale! xP

    All of that aside, I love the idea of breaking the mirror for some sort of effect. Bad luck, excellent! Being stuck in an animal body is totally awesome too! Maybe you have control of your character changes taken out of your hands and you randomly switch in and out? That could be nasty.

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