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  1. Thanks for the info M'Lady! I'm fairly fresh to the scene, so some of the info about the newest updates is foreign to me. I should probably read more of the update notes and forum posts before I go off on tangents, but I'm just now finishing reading everything.
  2. Be pretty awesome to see, for sure! I want to see a greater variety of inland lakes and rivers. Honestly, the bridges feel kinda strange to me, and while at first they played on a greater sense of this world being 'not quite right' now they're just hokey. I absolutely LOVED getting those gigantic, interlocked islands with minimal bridges, like one humongous landmass. If each islands were a self contained variety of all of the biomes, without bridges, that alone would make the rafting experience worth it.
  3. So excellent. Somebody's been out digging up the best of brains I see! I was actually thinking about this the other day. I would love to see random lists of things you've done that are mostly unrelated to anything important as well. Beefalo confused 103, Trees satiated 2, Poop ignited 1367.
  4. This idea deserves the most dapper of awards. Love to be able to blaze across the map on my noble Tallbird steed. His name is Phillipe. Pretty fond of the Beefalo beast of burden idea as well. Certainly cuts down on my inventory management complaints, and mobile luggage is never a bad idea. I'm kinda ripping off Discworld for this, but a literal living chest that can follow you would be hilarious.
  5. I'm not entirely certain I want to know... o.O That having been said, JOURNAL. YES. So much yes.
  6. I recently discovered that my crock pot has the magical ability (Read: Scientific) to transform monster meat into an item that both heals me, and satiates tremendous amounts of hunger. While I appreciate the the sheer value of such a miracle, and will happily accept the Nobel Peace Prize for solving world hunger, I do question the validity of this technique. Perhaps using monster meat int he crock pot should result in different recipe combos than regular meat? I would also suggest that the hunger/healing be moderately related to the items that are placed in the pot together. I'm not certain if this is already the case, but I decided to mention it in passing.
  7. I'll play devils advocate here and say I do like your idea Jay! I find that I enjoy the idea of exploring my surroundings and examining them in a classic Natural Philosophy sort of fashion, and all that implies, much more than simply farming research off of a few items. Obviously items research points should reflect their intrinsic value, the rarity of the grave items should relate to their research points but they should provide less and less with each use, eventually dwindling down to one after you've learned everything there is to know about them. I would absolutely love to see Wilson make remarks about what he's actually learned about he objects, rather than just proclaiming that he feels much smarter each time I use them as well. "This robot is an inveterate liar!" *Ding*
  8. I'm with the fair Lady on this one. Some excellent ideas, but that one that grabs me by the beard hairs and won't let go is that tree. Be cool to have another NPC to interact with that was capable of producing multisyllabic phrases. Much as I love my pigmen, they aren't winning... Well, many contests at all really.
  9. Alternatively our next update could include Wilson's personal commode! A harvestable building, similar to the bee box that produces... Hmm... That might not be family friendly... =P
  10. Thank you kind sir! I may be a grave digger by night, but I'm a beta tester by day!
  11. I've been bouncing these about in my brainbox for a bit, and thought I'd share my thoughts here on the forum. After all, that is the theoretical reason I'm playing the beta! Item One, The Tent. I feel it should function perhaps as a form of advanced bedroll, allowing you to sleep through the night and regain some health or perhaps just without as much loss of hunger. For the sake of character changing, if players feel so inclined, a mirror could be built that would function as their gateway to other characters. On a related note, it would be nice to see improved versions of the bedroll. Instead of grass, the second version is a woolly sleeping pad, requiring equal parts rope, but with the grass replaced by wool. This form would provide some health recovery with lower hunger cost. The final requires rope and silk, obviously improving sleep quality once more, providing greater health benefits and minimal hunger loss. Item Two, Additional Weaponry. As fun as the spear and the spiky tentacle are, I crave a little more variety to my violence. A tomahawk [] could be made available as a starting weapon, without requiring research it simply takes one stone and two twigs to make. Little known fact, the term tomahawk was used interchangeably for both bludgeoning clubs and the bladed axe like form that came to be known as the modern tomahawk. OBviously this little axe is more like the club variant, and therefore cannot cut trees but does slightly more damage than tools. Still worse than the spear of course. A Macuahuitl [] could serve as an improved varient of weapon, requiring perhaps 400 research points to create. It was basically a wooden club fitted with razor sharp stone, such as obsidian, along the sides creating a sort of crude sword. The stones were knapped until razor sharp, and incidental evidence suggests that the indigenous peoples who used them could even decapitate horses in a single swing. Much better than the spear, potentially better than the spiky tentacle this monster of a weapon would require one log, and six to ten flint. In extension, obsidian would make for a great weapon or tool upgrade from flint, or gold. It held an incredibly sharp edge, but was unfortunately brittle, so perhaps improved chopping/killing/mining/digging speed, but slightly less durability than gold. Item Three, Tall Birds. Potentially the coolest creature in this game, it simultaneously intrigues me and creeps me right out. I've been enjoying studying them, and collecting their eggs but some more content related to them would be excellent. Tallbird feather headdress or cape anyone? I alos feel that their eggs are too easy to steal, given the remarkable amount of research points they provide. If the eggs were worth less research, or the Tall Birds faster/more persistent in their pursuit I would feel as though I were in legitimate danger. As it is, they're hardly threatening. Speaking of clothing, how about a Hugh Hefner style smoking jacket for us gents out there, and an evening gown for the ladies. It'd go great with my top hat. Lots of silk, some wool, rope and a little gold for the trim and viola! Style. Item Four, Difficulty. I'm sure that there may be some opponents to this, and I can understand the need to make your game approachable for the general public but as a mostly casual gamer I feel that the challenge in Don't Starve wears thin once you've researched some of the advanced items and become comfortable with the games dynamic. Obviously any game plays out that way, and it in no way reflects poor design. That said, if the game were slightly less lenient, and required more upkeep, or the enemies were more dangerous. Tentacles that moved, albeit slowly, so that you don't always know where they are. Spiders are done well, with their sporadic attitude and aggressive behavior, but don't range very from from their nests. Werepigs, constantly hostile that occasionally roam deep forests, and poisonous mushrooms are some examples that spring to mind. All in all, I love Don't Starve, and I'm sure a lot will change as time passes, but personally I would love to see it evolve into a game of desperate survival, where terror rules the night and each day alive is a triumph unparalleled by any other achievement the game could offer. Thanks for your time Klei, and thanks even more for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible beta test. This community straight up rocks. Rocks with gold in them.
  12. Perhaps this has been brought up before, in fact I would be surprised if it hadn't, but does anyone else get the feeling that these islands that Wilson repeatedly lives and dies on are a sort of limbo? A between worlds sort of trial, in which his soul is purged or perhaps simply tormented time and time again? I would venture the opinion that each and every one of the characters in Don't Starve did exactly the opposite of that sage advice. Wilson, so caught up in his experiments and pseudo-science simply worked himself to death, forgetting to eat. Dear Willow, she burned down the orphanage that she was housed in, and shortly thereafter starved to death in the mean streets of London. Wendy, distraught by the death of her sister Abigail simply refused to eat until the final straw that broke fates back. Wolfgang seems the manly great white hunter type, and became horribly lost on an expedition, slowly wasting away after he ran out of bullets and hope. Each of these characters inhabits this limbo, their personal hell, or heaven depending on what they make of it, desperately attempting to satiate an unending hunger born from the cause of their deaths. The items you dig up from graves are all discarded and broken. These are the ghosts of childrens toys, the shadow of each and every button you've lost from your shirts. Upon digging into these graves you pull objects through from these pocket limbos, thus the ghosts. To them, you appear as a ghost, wavering and insubstantial sucking at their life with an incessant hunger. When you use the tent, you aren't switching characters, so much as visiting another dimension. Wilson returns to his tent, to rest for a time and you instead follow the brave adventures of a little girl, in another world. Just food for thought. Until I get the actual story I'll be making mine up as I go!
  13. These ones are pretty small, but I figured I may as well point them out. If you mouse over your honey in the inventory you may note that it says RMB Ea Poor Wilson must have been so hungry that he ate the T! Not certain if the game tracks health values in fractions, but I managed to hit 0 hitpoints and continued on as though nothing happened earlier last night. I was in the darkness, being chased by a Beefalo that I had erroneously attacked when the darkness whacked me right befor eI got a torch off. After murdering the Beefalo and going back to my business I noticed my health value was 0. I took a few more hits with that zero value before I died, so it seemed odd. Not certain if it's intended to be this way, but I was confused to find that the axe requires one flint and twig, while the razor requires two of each. Seems backwards seeing as all the other tools require two of each, and the razor is so small.
  14. It's been my opinion for a little while now that the whole golden tool thing is kind of weird. Of course, we're talking about a pretty weird game I suppose... That said, as Calavera mentioned, if golden tools required a piece or two of flint as a base (implying that the weapon is just gold coated) it makes it more difficult to create them, and makes them that much more valuable. I feel that flint should have an availability similar to the aforementioned pig kings ability, that way you don't simply run out of the ability to survive. Of course, you could always farm for the rest of your life! =D
  15. Initially nothing, but I played around with it a little this evening, and discovered that turning adblock off solved the problem for whatever reason. Seems like maybe the two don't play nice I guess? Either way, now that you're moving into Alpha testing for steam it's probably not too important. Thanks Kevin!
  16. If you're an adventurous sort, with the mightiest of beards and pointiest of sticks you can even put them near your camps! Kill the night away!
  17. It may be a load of crap, but you're going to need you some good ol' fashioned Beefalo Manure!
  18. Seems like I've run into another problem. I'm perfectly content replaying the game, but losing my unlocked characters and all my research every time I start up the game is starting to wear thin. I have my computer set not to clear hosted app data, and I haven't been clearing my cache. Is there some other step I'm missing that's causing the game to erase my progress like this?
  19. Thanks for the kind welcome and fast reply Toaster. I'd actually flipped through the post and couldn't manage to get their advice to work. Went back, tried it again and it turns out my card was blacklisted. One quick fix later and it works like a charm. *sheepish grin* Guess we'll chalk that failure up to user error. Thanks again!
  20. Hi all. Huge fan of Mark, which led to my extreme excitement upon discovering this new and awesome game that's being developed. I'd love to play the beta, and experience the development of the game, but I keep getting an error when the module attempts to load. Error: Module load error: NaCl module load failed: ServiceRuntime: failed to start That's exactly as it reads on my computer. I lurked on the forums a bit trying out some solutions to the other client errors, but so far no luck. Let me know what other info I can give you guys so I can figure this out! Thanks!