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  1. Something to do at night.

    You sir, you are a tease and I love you for it.
  2. Tree Farming

    Optimus might as well just chop himself up and fall on my fire. I eat humongous anthropomophic pine trees for breakfast. With a shovel. Made of gold.
  3. A really open chest

    Aesthetically speaking it makes the fire appear slightly artificial. Gameplay wise it makes the night sooooo boring. I've taken to equipping a logsuit, grabbing my spear and running out into the darkness as far as I can before making a mad dash back for the border of the light. Strangely, the coronal effect of the light extends out to its original distance, meaning you're safe from the Grues even when you're standing in the absolute darkness near your fire.
  4. Some Ideas

    Toss in a BURNING FOREST and one insane man wearing two trees and wielding a golden shovel and you have yourself an ideal Saturday night.
  5. Turbo farms.

    I might pretend to be terrified of them... But now I want one.
  6. Best place to camp.

    ^ This message sponsored by a Gravedigger and two crows! I'd love to see it happen.
  7. Little but powerfull

    I imagine a kind of brass and woodwork theme, yeah. Steampunky, like Wilson.
  8. To beard or not to beard

    A thought occurs... It'd be nice to be able to keep your beard trimmed to a certain length rather than forced to just shave it all off. I personally like the second to the last beard length.
  9. The epicness of the world?

    Yeah, I made brief mention of my own theories regarding that recently. I'm positive Klei is going to toss a curveball at me though, and impress me with excellent lore and story that I could never have imagined xD
  10. I'm mostly okay with the research point nerf, as honey was a little overpowered in that respect. Not too happy about the bee box rate, but hey. Either way, Kevin was recently talking about doing away with research points as we know them, as the intended effects wasn't achieved. You can read more about it in Suggestion: Research Points.
  11. The epicness of the world?

    Kinda in love with all of them, honestly. Some awesome imagery indeed.
  12. Bug: Too dark nights

    The falloff for the light is I think the major problem people are discussing. It's always been pitch black when I strayed too far from the fire, but the light slowly dimmed the further out it got until it faded to black. Now it just goes to black without the small buffer zone.
  13. questions

    One of my favorite methods of farming meat involved getting an Optimus Pine and then luring him to the pig village. He murders them whenever you're around to watch it, they respawn each day, and you're free to collect the meat until Optimus dies.
  14. Tree Farming

    Thanks Xack! Severely cut down on my harvest time for trees, although I find I don't bother most of the time and just gather on the go, it is nice to have a farm near my base to arrange for stockpiles!
  15. Left and right clicks.

    Not a bad idea! IT's already partially implemented in the fact that pine cones have a plant/drop function with left and right clicks respectively. Unfortunately that's a little buggy at the moment, but I would be surprised if there weren't plans for something along these lines.
  16. Best place to camp.

    I've had two of them raeg at me at once, which was an optimal time and quietly walk away.
  17. Evolve?

    I've wanted to smoke out bees for so long! I was thinking of trying using a torch on my bee box, but no such luck. The evolution of objects is an excellent idea sir, and I tip my hat to you for it.
  18. Bug: Too dark nights

    Please kind sirs, take my ten cents: The two gentlemen above me are scholars and beloved colleagues, and therefore already voiced my opinion. I felt fear enough even with a corona of additional light. Now I just find nighttime boring.
  19. Suggestion: Research Points

    If research points are removed I can't overstate the sheer awesomeness of that Journal idea. Gives another reason to plug stuff into your machine, and with perhaps four entries or so for each in game object it really provides an enjoyable resource gathering sciency pastime.
  20. Graves

    Honestly I'll be much happier once the graves don't respawn. Totally a worthwhile trade for fuzzy little baby Beefalo *trades in man card to cuddle one*. I hope they have an aggro behavior if you get too close to the babies. That'd be epic.
  21. Thus far I've managed to avoid dying all too often. I do restart occasionally, intentionally murdering myself for the xp. My three unintentional are as follows: Attacked a Spider Den in the swamp, accidentally retreated into a tentacle. Accidentally wandered into pig village without checking the time of the month. Accidentally attacked a Beefalo in the middle of the night, while trying to pick up his manure. All the nearby Beefalo proceeded to chase me into the darkness, where it hit me and reduced me to zero hp. I mentioned in a bug post that it didn't exactly kill me, but I count it as it should have.
  22. Best place to camp.

    Then, once I'm prepared to take him on, I lure him into the pig village and stand there watching the little savages do all of my work for me over the next few days.
  23. Bug Steam Version: Ocean graphics error

    Be kinda cool if certain Islands actually emptied into this horrifying abyss intentionally.
  24. Some Ideas

    That they do Mister Fu, but they don't stay that way and wander about the islands randomly making my life difficult, which is something that I feel could dramatically alter the difficulty of my game.
  25. The Pot O' Crock

    Figured as much, and I imagine that the suggestions I'm putting out there are perhaps redundant, but it seemed appropriate to bring it up in case they feel like asking themselves 'what should I do today?' Again thanks for the info Lady, you're a fount of usefulness!