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  1. Just Wanted To Say Thanks To The Devs

    I also have to agree with this. I made this account specifically to say thanks for how awesome Mark of the Ninja is. This is the stealth game I have been wanting forever. I think the most telling part of this for me is the following: I am the kind of player who can't kill pixels if she doesn't have to - it's like 'but that guy had a family T_T' sort of ridiculousness I'm the 100% non-lethal player if I can get away with it. So I went into this game thinking yea, I can go complete non-lethal in this game, this is fantastic. Nope. This is literally the first game *ever* (and I've been gming for 20 odd years) where I actively go out of my way to kill enemies because it's so damn fun. Kill one, set him up for his mates to find him and shoot each other, watch them panic out of their minds...oh yeah. And of course to pull this off without getting myself shot or making it 10x harder for myself - the set up is worth the payoff. This is way, way too much fun to go non-lethal. I'm sure I'll try it at some point but for now I can't get tired of pulling people into air vents. So thank you, Klei, for making the in game combat so damn utterly fluid, entertaining and satisfying. This is definitely going down as one of my favourite games.