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  1. Just Wanted To Say Thanks To The Devs

    A typical "I registered just to say thanks, much <3" in my case. (I also obviously cheated on the "name your favorite videogame of all time" question; like I could name only one. I also refrained from listing Mark of the Ninja since that would sort of defeat the purpose of that question, I presume.)That being said, I totally love the game, and it rightfully belongs on my very short list of "favorite games of all time".It's not because it's a stealth game, it's not because it features ninjas, or any other outstanding feature(s).It's really the way it's been put together. It feels whole. It's cohesive and the aesthetics and controls are rock -nay, diamond solid.It's also the best use of @KressaBHave you considered turn-based strategy games?