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  1. Very good, even got all the things I wanted (lots of books like the Games of Thrones box). Why the short reply Toasty, feeling tired?
  2. Good luck staying sane on such a small amount of sleep Lady D. Cirque du soleil is fun, so that is a fun gift indeed.@Toaster: enjoy it, it is only raining here.
  3. Or good luck, depending how you look at it. You should come across one Sooner or later though.
  4. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all. Succes with a the baking over there.
  5. @JoeW, a relaxing Christmas is nice to charge the battery again, so to speak. Any games specifically that you look forward to playing? And Christmas is not Christmas without terrorizing the family.@LadyD, Do you expect it to be scarring, or is that just the worst case scenario?
  6. A Merry Christmas and a happy new year once more! ( I hope that you will survive without any Dont Starve;) )
  7. Sounds fun Toasty, I will be heading of for three days or so, but I will pop in at times to have a lookie look here.
  8. A combination of a defensive line of tooth traps and fire darts (atleast 5) should do fine.
  9. Yup, just dont be naughty for a day when Krampus is close to spawning (he will hiss fairly hard) and it will be fine.
  10. Sadly no, the game does not support modding currently.
  11. Well that was not what I was expecting to find:p
  12. Same here, but plenty of room for several groups of survivors.
  13. You could almost feel bad for the spiders seeing that.
  14. A bug sadly, getting firedarts is not supposed to be that easy:p
  15. Ah yes, once you have a smallbird, you never want to lose it again, which happens all too often.
  16. There will alwayy be somebody saying that the world will end at a certain date, so they will be right eventually.
  17. @Alando, I feel for you, it is fairly scary to fight against such a spider army.
  18. He is indeed, though he can hit hard when he feels like it is (which is rare).
  19. Ah yes, a new era, though someone will say the world will end next year.
  20. Aw always fun, the whole family will gather here next week for a major food frenzy, I can already feel the extra punds coming on:p.
  21. Probably, lots of people enjoying their family, movies, games and some snow hopefully.
  22. Once you have died enough times you start to become more objective obout your survival, and as mentioned, it can drag on a bit once you have survived for many days on end.
  23. I can understand some of the confusion surrounding the whole beta thing. If I look for example at the Steam Greenlight games and how they were handled, beta becomes less than a pleasant word. Many of those games were released without being clearly advertised what being in beta accounts for. I remember Towns being advertised as a release version while it was in fact a beta with large parts of the promised gameplay missing. Dont Starve is very clear in what it gives you currently (kudos for that on the store page), but it is understandable why the buying a beta thing has become a mixed bag in general for games.