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  1. There should be a balance in the story mode as well though, you can not just say go to sandbox if you find it too difficult and bugger of.
  2. No, it is not just super toads, damage in general has been nerfed a fair bit, so it takes a lot longer to kill things now.
  3. Yeah same here, sometimes it snows at night without it being winter, scared me a lot thinking winter was coming early.
  4. Remember that it is still a beta currently, the tooth will surely become useful later.
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/falpatrickFalpatrick is streaming as soon as the update is live.
  6. Would look lovely to have, a collection of exotic Dont Starve birds all caged up.
  7. Yup, about 12 hours or so, maybe half an hour more or less.
  8. Ice feathers sounds likely, maybe for an ice dart or a new ice hat to wear.
  9. Lovely looking shrooms, and it is good to see them finally being implemented, since they have been talked about for ages.
  10. Considering the deerclops took several minutes to take down with pigs and several powerful items, I dont understand want kind of killing machine you want, an insta kill screen?