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  1. thank you, thank you for at least something
  2. I will try it tomorow but Im anyway kinda shocked that I havent got a single word from devs by now. However I want to have my current progress, not only to unlock my chars... Can we finally get some info from devs????
  3. its already a week, can i get an answer?
  4. so, have u already looked into my problem?
  5. ok, youve got all the three files sent there, I hope we can help eachother, let me know! edit: oh, u actually gave me the wrong email adress, gonna send it once more coz u wrote entertianment except entertainment
  6. this is what I get after following the procedure and after I restart the game, the old save is not imported
  7. Ok, Ive been trying to import my files from my chrome version into the steam version but its still not working... can anyone tell me how to do it? I keep getting an error "failed to load profile, latest, restart". Heres the exact procedure how I proceeded: I open the chrome version, save the website into my computer, open the steam version, try to load the saved data, get the error Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong and precisely describe the procedure for me?
  8. will i have to start a new game/world in order to apply thsese changes?
  9. btw, dont u know how often do i have to feed pigs? edit: nvm, i think i got it, its daily
  10. what about inventory content? does it stay? and science?
  11. whats teh difference between these too options?
  12. does anyone know if im able to destroy a structure i built? i havent managed to do so yet