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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Toolbar pops out when not clicking on it Steps to reproduce After making a fire at night I was chopping down a tree and the toolbar kept popping out. Describe your issue I started a fire at night and was chopping down a tree when the "Build Shovel" kept displaying (Popping Out) even though I did not click on the side menu. After I closed it and went along my way it kept popping out and sticking to "Shovel". Whether the side bar was expanded or closed it was still displaying "Shovel."
  2. The Steam Keys I got from using the Chrome Key in Chrome are different from the Steam Keys in the Humble Store.
  3. I am looking for: -Mark of the Ninja I am willing to trade these: Desura Keys -Humble Bundle 2 -Humble Bundle 3 -Humble Frozenbyte Bundle -Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle -Humble Introversion Bundle -Dungeons of Dredmor OnLive Keys -Braid -Osmos -Trine Steam Keys -Humble Bundle 2 -Humble Bundle 3 -Bastion -Wizorb, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, and Jamestown (Gratuitous Space Battles Multiplayer Key) -Crayon Physics Deluxe -Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP -Machinarium -Avadon: The Black Fortress -Swords & Soldiers HD -Cogs -Zen Bound 2 Humble Bundle -Full URL Key - Humble Bundle 4
  4. So I basically have 4 Steam Keys and 2 Chrome Keys. Chrome Key grants you access on Chrome and allows you to get a Steam key using the Chrome key x 2 Steam Keys in Humble Store x 2 Sweet!
  5. When I bought Don't Starve awhile ago before it was even on Steam I only had the two Chrome Keys. I used one of the Chrome keys for myself and gave another one to my friend. But now I noticed two unused Steam keys on the Humble Store page. Does this mean I have two new Steam keys? If you use the Chrome Keys you can get Steam Keys through Chrome using the Chrome key. Does this mean I have two more Steam keys to give away?
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Walking Tree Bug Steps to reproduce I am not sure how this started. It just started happening when the tree was chasing me. Describe your issue When the Pine Tree was chasing me, it's walking animation stopped and the tree was just gliding across the screen.
  7. When I was going to build a fire, the "Build" button was shifted to the left and not centered on the UI. When hovering over the different categories for building things, the titles get cut off by the side of the screen. Not sure if this is a bug but its an annoying user experience.