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  1. I just recently had problems with this. Mac OSX 10.9.1 (Mavericks) I decided to get back to playing it and do New Game Plus as a pacifist. When I got to the first steal option, it took me over 30 attempts to get the steal to work. I don't remember having this much trouble with swipes before when beating normal mode months ago. IIRC, swiping in this game was really weird. The game only seems to recognize my kill swipes if the mouse was trying to move off the edge of the screen. This was originally why I used the path which removes the need to swipe for silent kills. Killing was always throughout the level and swiping is a bit unreliable for getting to the next checkpoint undetected while killing everything.
  2. For those that don't know, grues are monsters that fear the light and eat adventures. As I understand it right now, the player currently just receives damage from the darkness itself. Suggestion: After a specific amount of time, a grue spawns near the player (signaled by "What was that") and approaches the player. The grue(s) would then attack the player and back away in case the player tries to fight back before approaching and attacking again. If the player is killed, the player's body and inventory is missing when the sun rises. If a source of light blocks the path to the player, the grue backs away and despawns. If a player tries to catch a grue with a light source right before an attack, the grue would flee and at best, the player will only catch a glimpse of a shadow. I personally wouldn't worry about players managing to catch and trap a grue because of several reasons. It is pitch black preventing the player from knowing which direction the grue is approaching from. A fire would only unveil the grue for a brief period. The visibility distance of a torch makes it extremely difficult to maintain a chase against a grue fleeing at the same speed as the player (a simple change in direction would be enough to escape into the darkness and remain out of sight). If a player did manage to maintain a chase to sunset, grues would be written to despawn instantly a moment before day break. If a grue is in a source of light at despawn, an item called "Grue?" will be left behind for the player to find (would be described to be a piece of a grue possibly left behind as a distraction). The item could be kept as a trophy for mounting an effective chase against a grue or turned into a large amount of research points. For new players, they may attempt to flee from grues in the pitch black darkness (either running directly into one and receiving damage or starting a chase and calling for additional grues over time). Why implement this idea? This would leave a lasting impression on players by creating a legitimate sense of danger and fear of the darkness and allowing players to later fight back and attempt to chase down the cause of their fears.
  3. Good news. Fixed as of Version 24.0.1312.2 dev.
  4. The previous version was fine. When I started playing the new version, I immediately noticed some graphic bugs/glitches. It seems layering the graphics for each object seems to be failing. One of the problems not visible in the image above is that berries in bushes would flicker as well. Static images (objects that don't move including holes, rocks, and the interface) aren't affected and the layering only changes when the object is moving (rabbits standing in place with no idle animation don't have flickering layers) but still remain glitched. I am using Version 24.0.1312.1 dev for Mac.