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  1. right then I've done a bit of messing around with the settings and no luck yet. is there any reason as to why it wouldn't work with steam as opposed to chrome? i would have thought if one worked they both would. (yes silly thinking on my part but i thought they both had the same base graphics)
  2. yea I realize this but i thought maybe they would need specs in order to reproduce it? in any case I hope it's being looked at..will be on both for now as it isnt game breaking. Thanks for the reply at least :}
  3. he wont catch on fire anymore.... :< not on steam for me anyhow. i had three following me! im lucky they left me alone after a time
  4. i'm only asking because my post was never answered. On the steam version, as of right now i'm having problems with the outlines and colours being very..wrong. especially at night.I have no such problem on chrome any solutions yet? (my graphics card is up to date)
  5. I always wanted to hatch one not for your purpose have as another fodder animal (or pet) ^~^ loving the idea, although beefalo could be a slower but more sturdy mount :3
  6. ive seen roads/paths through there before, maybe just rare for you? dunno, haha. but you can pick up foliage with the shovel and replant if you like...i assume you knew that though.
  7. same. ive got a bunch of other whacky graphics issues too...hrm :/ i have the steam version as of now
  8. ah thank you, i looked around and posted but sadly ive got an ati such tweaks will work the same. i did update though. no change. i'll keep trying though. :} i understand things like this happen
  9. right i've got a similar issue and i have an amd ati 5670 card. drivers have been updated and no change... heres a better pic of my issue. (I get the 'red' lines by day like OP) Thanks for trying to fix this i love this game and community.
  10. The bees dont seem to aggro when i hit and destroy their hives Good for me but i doubt this is intentional. happy hunting for now though
  11. Well everything is going fine except anything black has strange colors/pixels. Heres two links to examples. Also, rabbits on the plains/prairie (yellow grass biome) do not have holes. Is this intentional?
  12. ahh I see now. alright I feel very silly now. I saw that tab while looking for a way to import accounts and whatnot...I just thought it was asking for a new account, not existing...well now I know. thank you very much for putting up with that heh
  13. that would be my problem. i logged out, then he logged in, but the saved game was still there. I would guess this would be solved when the game is on steam, silly chrome..
  14. Not sure if this is a bug or not implemented but...I gave the second key to my boyfriend, so he logged onto google on my computer. Only problem is that after activating his game it still used my save :/ we have separate accounts so is there any way to have separate saves or no? He only has a mac and comes over frequently (we share the comp. alot) if this should be in suggestions I'm sorry