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  1. Great! I appreciate the chance to play this fascinating game and contribute in a small way to improving it.
  2. Edit: when I copied my steps and went to chop down the tree, it was burnt rather than withered and did drop a charcoal. I just didn't see it at first.
  3. My entourage of six pigs and I killed the Tree Guardian/Optimus Pine. I had a Torch equipped and used it as a weapon. The Guardian died and left a small fire that burned briefly. Then, instead of crows flying into and out of the screen, I saw flames, although they moved and sounded like crows. I then chopped down a nearby tree which dropped Charcoal for the first time I've ever seen it. When I picked it up, a dialog box titled "An error has occurred" popped with this message: "Error: Module Crashed: NaCl module crashed." When I attempted to reproduce the bug, everything proceeded as it should have. The crows were normal. The tree that had formerly dropped Charcoal had withered and did not drop Charcoal. I hope this is helpful.