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  1. Guys, I'm relaxed, just wanna see this amazing game even more perfect than it is. Well, the only annoying bug for now is the Bloody Whisper golden slash. I formated my computer this week and installed the game again, and the bug is still there. The others, well, were one-time bugs. Don't know what to say, just reporting.
  2. Team, Any words about what we have reported? We want some improvements. Thanks,
  3. About bodied inside vents, every time I carry a body inside a vent the ninja automatically drops the body.
  4. I'm trying to edit the title to "Issues WE have found so far" so everyone can contribute, but I can't find the option.
  5. Hi guys, I would like to report a few inconsistences: - I hid on a door (the translucid wall door) and killed the guard, hiding the body automatically. The I tried to enter in that door but the dead guard stood on his feet alive, but he couldn't see me and I couldn't kill him again; - it took me two times trying to complete the "kill 5 enemies with traps" seal. The first time the game stopped counting on 3/5. The second time I could make it; - sometimes checkpoints are a bit messy. When you die you get back in a terrible condition, sometimes very near to the enemies; - The golden sword is only shown in the Path of the Mark costume, but if you use Bloody Whisper with other costumes you can see golden slashes, only the slash animation because the sword is still metal color. It would be nice if you put the golden sword for all costumes a an end-game prize for people who finishes the game; - In the costume select screen I noticed the costumes images are not in the same position, please check the coordinates. My PC specs: - DirectX 11 lastest version; - Windows 7 Home Premium x64; - Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8 GHz, 4 Gb RAM; - GeForce GT 220 with the latest drivers. When I'm playing I try to not run any other programs, just Steam, Google Drive, and Microsoft Security Essentials.